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Christmas Wreaths

Decorating your front door with a Christmas wreath is an old tradition and dates back hundreds of years. The practice of hanging wreaths dates back even further because in the 7th Century, tree branches were used to crown Olympic winners and the winners hung their wreaths for all to see.

It is unclear when the wreath moved from the wall to the door, but it’s a common well-liked practice today. Unlike the tree branches of old, today’s Christmas wreaths are typically made from fir tree garlands (often balsam fir) and then wound or wrapped into the familiar wreath shape. Decorated with pine cones, flowers, ribbons and other festive items, the Christmas wreath can also be used as a table top center piece.

The Christmas wreath is an iconic fixture at this time of year and many families ensure there is a wreath hanging on their front door before they even trim the tree and hang the lights. The Christmas wreath is such a familiar icon of the festive season that homes and offices don’t seem festive without this favorite decoration.

For families with young children, creating a Christmas wreath is a great family project and requires only patients and a little imagination. Of course the professional great Christmas wreath is very different at your local florist can provide you with many choices from different shapes, different decorations, and even different kinds of garlands or swags.