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Winter Wedding Flowers

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When planning a winter wedding, one may think the flower choices are limited due to the season. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In all actuality, there are some flowers that are just better suited for the winter and the natural blooming time in other parts of the world which make them perfect for a winter wonderland wedding theme.

Also it is important to keep in mind, that just because certain flowers are no longer blooming in your back yard doesn’t mean they are not blooming in another part of the world. Most wedding flowers of choice are available year round.

Some of the more commonly used flowers ion wedding flower arrangements are daisies, roses, and tulips in deep rich colors like burgundy and deep reds. If you live in northern climates where snow is a fact of life, accenting your wedding in solid blocks of color with your flowers plays nicely off the whitened landscapes of winter. Accents of gold and silver also play nicely in the winter wedding flower theme. Other considerations can be the traditional Christmas plaid or a blue/white/silver winter wedding flower theme.

Your florist from Brant Florist can help you select the perfect wedding flower arrangements that will set your theme and provide you with all the beauty you dreamed about for your winter wedding.

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

What is a wedding without flowers? Well, although one can get married with no flowers, it just doesn’t have that same traditional and romantic feel of a wedding adorned with beautiful wedding flowers. beautiful wedding flowers So I guess one can say, flowers are a very essential part of any wedding but not everyone getting married has the same budget to spend on flowers.

When choosing your wedding ceremony flowers, every couple must agree to a flower budget. Once you have your budget in mind then it is time to consult with your florist. A good florist will help you get the most out of your money and help you select the perfect flowers that will both accent your wedding beautifully but also keep you within your budget.

Convey to your florist what your wedding theme or colors are. That will help them in selecting flowers for your wedding that will look terrific yet keep you within your designated budget. If you are having a simple wedding, stick with less elaborate corsages. If you are having a solid color theme, stay away from too many colors in your wedding floral decorations.

A good florist will be able to walk you through your flower selections with ease and be considerate of your budget while making sure the quality you expect out of your wedding flowers is maintained. You can trust that Brant Florist will do everything within their powers to make sure your wedding flowers will look just as elegant as the bride.