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Gift of Valentines Flowers Suggestions for the Man in your Life

I know I had posted a blog previously on proper flowers colors and types to send to the man in your life for Valentines Day, however, I felt it may help if I give you actual examples of flower arrangements and gifts for him from Brant Florist that will make any man proud to call you his.

Although some of these flower gift selections are not necessarily titled with a sweet romantic Valentines Day sentiment, the flowers do their own speaking, and they are a safe bet to have delivered to any man, no matter how manly he may be.

Woodland Greens
The safest bet if your man enjoys plants is just that – a plant and the Woodland Green is a sure fire win. If your man has an office and works at a desk, you can be sure he will be thinking of you every time he waters the Woodland Green or glances in its direction.

When you want to get a bit more daring, send him Valentines Day roses with a huge bouquet of Valentines Day Balloons. Yes, his fellow co-workers will give him some ribbing, but in reality your man will have a new spring to his step and his chest will be sticking out just a little bit further as he struts bragging about the fact that at least he GOT flowers for Valentines Day.. and ribs back that the others must be doing something wrong.

Two Dozen Roses
Two Dozen Roses

All about Love Helium Balloons
All About Love Helium Balloons

Secret Crush
Have a crush on someone and want to let him know- send him the Secret Crush flower arrangement for Valentines Day. This one is a great one for men for Valentines Day due to its deep rich colors. This flower arrangement is definitely a bold and beautiful statement that will get you noticed and you will not be forgotten. Just be careful because the gift of Valentines flowers to your man will pay back sweetly; be ready to be smothered with some love!

Simple Sophistication
This beautiful Valentines arrangement – Simple Sophistication, although as it says – a simple arrangement it goes beyond simplicity with its pure white calla lilies making a strong statement perfect for gifting to a man on Valentines Day.

Flowers in a Mug
Flowers in a Mug is also another safe bet for that man that you are a little bit unsure about sending flowers too. Not to much, but enough to get the point across and definitely not sissy looking yet still beautiful and practical. After the flowers have run there term, your man still has a coffee cup to use!

This is just a small sample of what is available through Brant Florist to have delivered to your man on Valentines Day. Feel free to browse Brant Florist site for more ideas but do not feel you need to send a flower arrangement specifically set for Valentines Day. You may find one of the hundreds of other arrangements available more suiting to your man. After all, no one knows another’s man like his woman does. Happy shopping and Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Flower Ideas

Valentines Day is coming sooner than you think and you best be prepared to show that special someone just how much you care for them. An easy way to express that is by sending Valentines Day Flowers. Here are some great Valentine Day Flowers you can send your loved one that will be sure to say “I love you!”

12 Premium Roses Boxed
The classic dozen premium roses are always a hit. Perfect roses express how perfect you feel your relationship is, with or without playing the color rose card. You can choose your Valentines favorite color of roses, mix colors, or go with the more tradition red roses this year for Valentines Day. No matter what you decide, with 12 Premium Roses you cannot go wrong.

Fresh Memories for Valentines
Fresh Memories for Valentines Day
This one is great for newer relationships where the memories are just beginning to build, like a rose just beginning to bud. Valentines flowers in pink carnations, gerberas, and larkspur are the perfect selection of flowers that express the happiness you have found in your heart with your new budding romance.

Three Roses
Three Roses
More doesn’t always mean better, and in some situations, although your heart may desire to send more flowers, your pocket book just doesn’t match that desire. That is when mixing a bit of the classic with your warm loving thoughts can do the trick of expressing your feelings of love on Valentines Day like is relayed in this elegant yet affordable Three Roses in a vase accented thoughtfully with greenery.

Basket of Love and Cheer
Basket of Love and Cheer
Don’t forget your mom on Valentines Day, after all, Valentines day is not meant just for lovers, but expressing love to those we cherish. Here is a great flower bouquet that any mother would adore to receive on Valentines Day!

You can get any of these great Valentines Day flowers or floral arrangements from Brant Florist as well as any one of their other numerous Valentines flowers, Valentines Day flower arrangements, Valentines gift baskets, and more delivered for you to anywhere in the world.

What’s the most popular Valentine’s gift? Flowers!

Happy Hearts

Flower bouquets are the most popular Valentines Day gift given. That doesn’t mean that other gifts are not given as well, but generally, with any gift given, flowers accompany it.

If you stop and think about it, if you have a romantic partner that is, on Valentines Day you can pretty much expect flowers. You actually would be disappointed if you didn’t get flowers. You may even think something was going wrong in your relationship if you didn’t get them and question why. Gifting flowers on Valentines Day has always been a long time tradition of showing your love to another and a pretty great one at that.

Although roses are more of the traditional flower of Valentines Day, it doesn’t limit one to gift just roses or always roses. Granted, roses are sweet and have their own little meanings, there are so many beautiful flowers available for one to send and surprise a loved one. You can always match your flowers to the type of relationship you have. If it is a more adventurous relationship – go exotic. If it is sweet, new and endearing, daisies are always sweet. If it is a long lasting intimate one, you already know your loved ones favorite flowers and they are always your best bet! Roses are always great, but don’t let them limit your creativity in the message you are trying to convey this Valentines Day.

This Friday 13th, Don’t Gamble on Love


Every year you see the same thing happen. Men and women leaving love to chance. You see them struggling home on the train or bus, or bouncing their bouquet in the back seat of a stuffy car-ride home. Or worse still, impatiently “on-hold” with a far-away florist too busy to take their phone order because that florist is facing a store full of last-minute orders from people who are stressed out too!

All for what? To get flowers delivered on Valentine’s Day. It’s a bit obvious don’t you think? It’s also the very worst time to place a last minute order simply because there are so many people doing the very same thing. It pretty much ensures a stressful experience all round…

That’s not very romantic – is it?

Might I suggest an alternative outcome for this Valentine’s Day? Picture this. You place your order today or tomorrow and request a delivery before the end of the week. Flowers from a reputable florist will always be beautiful for at least a week so your special someone will have them for the special day as well.

If you place your order beforehand you can be assured the greatest selection too, and be confident in the knowledge that you’ve avoided the Valentine rush. And while you’re thinking about this, add an alternate address so the delivery person has a backup location to bring your thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

Now that’s smart (and romantic) thinking.

On Friday 13th, don’t gamble on love. Place your order early and rest easy knowing you’re in good hands this Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day Flowers & Gifts Feb 14 2009

This year, Valentines Day is Saturday, Feb 14, 2009.  Time to think about Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your loved one and for those you admire.  Given the economy and the fact that it is Saturday, think about spending the day and evening at home. Saves a  lot money compared to going out for an expensive Valentines Day dinner or going away for the weekend to a hotel or resort, which is even more expensive. To make your stay at home Valentines vacation, plan on candles, music, wine, order in food and of course flowers.

Valentines Day Flowers include a whole range of choices. Red is the most popular color and roses are the most popular flower.  So the florist will receive more orders for red roses than any other flower or color. But that is traditional and one that most men dare not stray from.  But truth be known, most women prefer pastel colors and they certainly do not consider roses to be the only romantic flower! In fact, most will gush over any gift of flowers and the man that sent them.  So men, try a flower gift that might use  pinks, mauve’s, purples, creams and whites…..not all of those of course but some pleasing combination,  There are many beautiful flower varieties including alstroemeria, lilies, freesia, orchids, snap dragons, iris, daisies, birds of paradise, anthuriums, gerbera, calla lilies, tulips and lisianthus.

Best idea is to order early and ask your florist to make a bouquet with your loved one’s favorite color and favorite flowers.  Hopefully, you know at least one of those, either the color or the flower. But if not, do not despair or worry too much. Your florist will know just what to make for Valentines Day! Flower delivery is also available of course.  Remember that this year Friday, Feb 13th will be the busiest day of the year for the florists. Most office orders will be delivered that day and those have severe time limits.  If you order Valentines Flowers early you will be able to send your Valentine’s Flowers with no problem.

To the lassies, we say, men do love receiving flowers and floral gifts. Any man will be wowed if his lady sends him, Valentine Gifts Men even flowers!  But there are other floral gifts that will carry your Valentine message too.  Plants are very useful and will be very long lasting.  Fruit baskets, Gourmet Baskets and Chocolate baskets will work too………the way to a man’s heart is throigh his tummy!  All of these Valentine gifts can be trimmed for Valentine’s Day.

It is best to have your gift delivered Feb 11 or Feb 12th. Avoid that last minute frantic crunch on Feb 13 and 14th when the florists are rushed off their feet.  And you will be an even bigger hero because the first delivery to any office is highly prized.  You can be the first to show your love to the envy of everyone else in that office. Talk about Brownie Points!