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Valentines Day Flower Ideas

Valentines Day is coming sooner than you think and you best be prepared to show that special someone just how much you care for them. An easy way to express that is by sending Valentines Day Flowers. Here are some great Valentine Day Flowers you can send your loved one that will be sure to say “I love you!”

12 Premium Roses Boxed
The classic dozen premium roses are always a hit. Perfect roses express how perfect you feel your relationship is, with or without playing the color rose card. You can choose your Valentines favorite color of roses, mix colors, or go with the more tradition red roses this year for Valentines Day. No matter what you decide, with 12 Premium Roses you cannot go wrong.

Fresh Memories for Valentines
Fresh Memories for Valentines Day
This one is great for newer relationships where the memories are just beginning to build, like a rose just beginning to bud. Valentines flowers in pink carnations, gerberas, and larkspur are the perfect selection of flowers that express the happiness you have found in your heart with your new budding romance.

Three Roses
Three Roses
More doesn’t always mean better, and in some situations, although your heart may desire to send more flowers, your pocket book just doesn’t match that desire. That is when mixing a bit of the classic with your warm loving thoughts can do the trick of expressing your feelings of love on Valentines Day like is relayed in this elegant yet affordable Three Roses in a vase accented thoughtfully with greenery.

Basket of Love and Cheer
Basket of Love and Cheer
Don’t forget your mom on Valentines Day, after all, Valentines day is not meant just for lovers, but expressing love to those we cherish. Here is a great flower bouquet that any mother would adore to receive on Valentines Day!

You can get any of these great Valentines Day flowers or floral arrangements from Brant Florist as well as any one of their other numerous Valentines flowers, Valentines Day flower arrangements, Valentines gift baskets, and more delivered for you to anywhere in the world.

Flowers for your Man

Flowers in a Mug for Him

Hey ladies, guys like flowers too. They may not admit it and when asked tell you that is a girl thing, but in reality, they too like to receive flowers. It is a great way to make them feel extra special! The trick in having flowers delivered to the man in your life is choosing the right flower arrangement that will not bring them too much ribbing from others. Even though they say pink is in for men, I wouldn’t suggest sending pink flowers to a manly man ever! They will never live it down. So when you are picking out the perfect flower arrangement for that special man, be considerate and go with more natural earthy tones in your selection.

Oranges, deep burgundies, and deep reds are always safe accented with yellows, whites, and green. You can even get by with some peach accents in these type of arrangements.

Blues are another great and safe flower combo for men or solids of dark reds. Stay away from frilly looking arrangements and go for ones that make a bolder statement without the feminine accents. Broad petals rather than dainty, and deeper richer colors rather than pastels are always good rules of thumb to follow.

This will save him from any backlash from fellow co-workers and be well received when delivered, bringing you, of course, the rewards when you see him again. Use a large card rather than a daintier small one, and if you accent with balloon, make sure they are just as manly looking as the flower arrangement. If you are unsure of just what to have put together, no worries, Brant Florist has many great flower arrangements that are perfect for gifting to men that will bring a smile to their face and heart.

Giving the gift of Roses for Valentines Day

Loves Touch Rose Bouquet

Giving or having roses delivered on Valentines Day has become common practice amongst those in love and some say that nothing other than roses can truly convey ones feelings as deeply as roses. Many relate this to the meanings behind the colors of roses gifted, each color having its own specific meaning attached and by selecting the right colored roses to ones feelings makes that gift even more meaningful than any other does.

Here are some of the popular rose colors given on Valentines Day and their meaning:

Red Valentines Roses conveys romantic love.
Purple Valentines Day Roses conveys love at first sight.
Orange Valentines Day Roses conveys deep desire.
Yellow Valentines Roses conveys your happiness and friendship.
Peach Valentines Day Roses convey gratitude and appreciation.
Pink Valentines Day Roses convey innocent and tender love.
White Valentines Day Roses convey purity of love.

Whether you are having Valentine roses delivered to a lover, mother, or even daughter, there is a rose/color perfect to convey that special bond, that relationship and your feelings towards it and Brant Florist is more than happy to help you send just that feeling.

What’s the most popular Valentine’s gift? Flowers!

Happy Hearts

Flower bouquets are the most popular Valentines Day gift given. That doesn’t mean that other gifts are not given as well, but generally, with any gift given, flowers accompany it.

If you stop and think about it, if you have a romantic partner that is, on Valentines Day you can pretty much expect flowers. You actually would be disappointed if you didn’t get flowers. You may even think something was going wrong in your relationship if you didn’t get them and question why. Gifting flowers on Valentines Day has always been a long time tradition of showing your love to another and a pretty great one at that.

Although roses are more of the traditional flower of Valentines Day, it doesn’t limit one to gift just roses or always roses. Granted, roses are sweet and have their own little meanings, there are so many beautiful flowers available for one to send and surprise a loved one. You can always match your flowers to the type of relationship you have. If it is a more adventurous relationship – go exotic. If it is sweet, new and endearing, daisies are always sweet. If it is a long lasting intimate one, you already know your loved ones favorite flowers and they are always your best bet! Roses are always great, but don’t let them limit your creativity in the message you are trying to convey this Valentines Day.

Guess what’s coming up girls? Yep – Valentines Day!!!

3 Premium Roses in Vase with Teddy Bear

Okay, traditionally it is the guy that gets the girl flowers on Valentines Day – right? Generally that is the tradition, but it doesn’t mean the guy wouldn’t like the extra attention from time to time as well, and what better day to throw a little curve in a relationship than Valentines Day by sending Valentines Day flowers.

I am not saying a curve ball that is going to strike you out – rather one that will put a surprising spin on your relationship. Imagine your guy at work being delivered flowers. Can you imagine his expression? Yea, his co-workers may give him some ribbing for receiving Valentine Day flowers at work, but I can guarantee you one thing – he will never forget it! Not only that, even though he may be a bit embarrassed, inside he is going to be beaming – he just can’t let the co-workers see that is all. He will be touched and feel special. And in closing ladies – he will never ever forget you!