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Common Flowers for the New Year

Lovely Orchids

With the New Year, new hopes, dreams, aspirations, and New Year’s resolutions are made. A great New Year’s resolution to make is making a stronger effort in keeping in touch with those you have lost contact with or those you haven’t been able to stay in as close of contact as you wish. A great way of doing this is by sending the occasional gift of flowers.

Flowers are a great way of reconnecting and there is no better time to start then the New Year. The New Year is a great time to wish those close and far your desires for them to have a happy and prosperous New Year and a great way to send those feelings is through a beautiful flower arrangement with some of the common flowers of the New Year.

Some common flowers sent relaying ones New Year’s wishes are roses, stargazer lilies, tulips, Irises, and Orchids. But just because these are typical flowers sent doesn’t mean you have to stick with just these varieties. You can always send flowers that represent the recipient’s favorite flowers or even yours for that matter. No matter what, the flowers you send as a gift for New Years, you will know this – the recipients New Year will start out with a huge smile and a warm heart.

Winter Wedding Flowers

Serenity Orchids
When planning a winter wedding, one may think the flower choices are limited due to the season. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In all actuality, there are some flowers that are just better suited for the winter and the natural blooming time in other parts of the world which make them perfect for a winter wonderland wedding theme.

Also it is important to keep in mind, that just because certain flowers are no longer blooming in your back yard doesn’t mean they are not blooming in another part of the world. Most wedding flowers of choice are available year round.

Some of the more commonly used flowers ion wedding flower arrangements are daisies, roses, and tulips in deep rich colors like burgundy and deep reds. If you live in northern climates where snow is a fact of life, accenting your wedding in solid blocks of color with your flowers plays nicely off the whitened landscapes of winter. Accents of gold and silver also play nicely in the winter wedding flower theme. Other considerations can be the traditional Christmas plaid or a blue/white/silver winter wedding flower theme.

Your florist from Brant Florist can help you select the perfect wedding flower arrangements that will set your theme and provide you with all the beauty you dreamed about for your winter wedding.

Sending your Heart with Flowers

Okay, you may not be able literally to send your heart to people, but you sure can send them your feelings of love through flowers. Flowers can transfer a person’s sentiment – may it be love, friendship, thoughtfulness, appreciation, sympathy, good wishes, and so on.

One may wonder just how you can order flowers online that express exactly what you are trying to convey. It is not as hard as one may think and far more convenient than seeking out a reputable florist in your neighborhood.

When a person wants to send flowers to another, they already know the sentiment they want to express. The rest is just matching that sentiment to the flower or flowers to express that sentiment. The great thing about Brant Florist is there is already a huge selection of flower arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets prearranged that express numerous sentiments. If you can’t find that “feeling” in one of their already beautiful arrangements you can always create your own bouquet of fresh cut flowers or allow Brant Florist experts design a breath taking flower arrangement for you.

If you know the recipients’ favorite flower(s), you can easily have Brant Florist take that input and use their wisdom to match the recipient’s favorite flower with others that accent them amorously. By incorporating the recipients flower favorites you are showing them you know them intimately and care about what they treasure. If that doesn’t express a fond sentiment, nothing can. So, although you may not be able to send your heart to another, you can definitely send the next best thing – the sentiments from your heart through flowers.

White Tulips – Spring Flowers

16. White Tulips (spring flowers)whitetulips2.jpg

 A special spring flower with a colorful past, this Dutch favourite originally hails from the far corners of the 17th century Persian empire. White tulips are the very essence of purity to behold. Brought back to Europe  by an enthusiastic Ambassador, the tulip became associated with  spring time, Easter and of course – Holland. Today, there are more than 1000 varieties of tulips, however the white tulip’s purity makes it a favourite spring flower for many Easter displays and spring gift baskets. Continue reading

Yellow Tulips – Spring Flowers

15. Yellow Tulips (spring flowers)yellowtulips.jpg

Yellow tulips are a common sight to see during the months of spring.

Perhaps not the most obvious yellow spring flower – that honor would fall

to the daffodil – the yellow tulip is still a favourite.

Commonly associated with Holland, the tulip was originally from Persia

and brought into Europe during the early 1600’s.

 The tulip, or “Laleh” as it’s called in Persian, is a flower indigenous to

Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and other parts of Central Asia. It is said a

Dutch ambassador in Turkey at the time, who was also a great

floral enthusiast, brought them to Europe. Tulips all of all colors

quickly became very popular and have remained so to this day and are

one of the classic spring flowers delivered by worldwide florists this

time of year. Continue reading