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Romance with Tulips?

Mixed Color Tulips

Roses are the typical flower one thinks of when thinking of romancing. But does that mean roses are the only flower you can truly romance with? NO! People are moving away from the traditional style of romancing with roses and making their gestures more intimate to the individual they are romancing. Take tulips for instance. Tulips are an exotic yet affordable flower that are just as gorgeous as roses, and if the person you are romancing has a love for tulips, a gift of a dozen tulips will fare much more than a dozen roses.

Tulips and other flowers can express your feelings as eloquently as roses, especially if it is your significant others favorite flower. Traditionally, roses were the norm, but now people are choosing picking other exotic flowers as a token of love and or appreciation. Brant Florist can help you put together the perfect arrangement for the one you are romancing that will best fit his or her personality, which will ignite the heart of anyone.

Featured Friday Flower ~ Springtime in Paris by Teleflora

Springtime in Paris by Teleflora

I’m so excited that Mother’s Day is nearing. I love the wonderful stories of mother’s who were so thrilled about the flowers they received for Mother’s Day. Although great mothers should be celebrated everyday, mothers are probably the most taken advantage person in the world, yet they don’t really complain. So it is a good thing that there is a day out of the year set aside just to honor mothers and all that they do for us. I just wanted to share my thoughts and give a little backdrop of why I chose the flower arrangement Springtime in Paris by Teleflora (pictured above). My mom has never had the opportunity to travel out of the country, like many moms and the Springtime in Paris by Teleflora flower arrangement reminded me of that fact. I may not be able to fly my mom to Paris, but I can afford to give her a small taste of it through this beautiful flower arrangement.

Springtime in Paris by Teleflora
Description: Does someone you love dream in French? Do they hum “Springtime in Paris” in the shower? Then a gift of these romantic Springtime in Paris flowers is sure to make them say ‘ooh-la-la.’ Roses, tulips, carnations and more – in the warmest hues of pink, purple, white and green – create a beautiful all-around bouquet.

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Fun Spring Flower Facts

Spring has sprung and so are the flowers. Flowers are so inspiring and spring is a great time to bring a new breath of inspiration into your home and life. Popular Spring blooms include tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, iris, daisies, lilies and many more.

Spring Tulip Bouquet by FTD

Spring Tulip Bouquet by FTD
Did you know that when the tulip flower first arrived in Europe, the English tried serving them with oil and vinegar and the Germans boiled and sugared the bulbs?

Spring Hyacinth Planter

Spring Hyacinth Planter

In the Victorian language of flowers the Hyacinth flower symbolizes sport or play, and the blue Hyacinth signifies sincerity.

Charming Daffodils

Charming Daffodils

Daffodils were brought to Britain by the Romans who thought that the sap from Daffodils had healing powers. Actually the sap contains crystals that can irritate the skin.

Blooming Iris Flower Bouquet

Blooming Iris Flower Bouquet

The Iris was named after the Greek Goddess who is considered the messenger Love and uses the rainbow to travel.

Mixed Daisies Vased

Mixed Daisies Vased

Daisy leaves are edible and can be used in salads.

Pink Lily Bouquet

Pink Lily Bouquet

In Europe, lilies were used as a remedy against a wide range of diseases and ailments.

Tulips Galore

Vibrant Purple Tulips Vased

If you live in the snow belt, there is no doubt if you are not a fan of snow and cold, you are ready for Spring to appear. One good sign that spring is nearing is the arrival of Tulips. When tulips begin to arrive in abundance to florist in the northern regions, spring is not far behind, about a month and a half away actually. But it does give hope for warmer days to near.

The majority of early Tulips come in from Holland, and if you have ever been to Holland and seen the fields of Tulips you were in awe of their beauty I am sure. If you never have been but love tulips, you may want to put Holland on your places to visit list!

Tulips are the most popular spring flower and symbolize imagination, dreams, a perfect lover, a declaration of love, and fame. To me, they have always symbolized romantic love partially due to their name “tu” – two, “lips” (self-explanatory).

Different colors of tulips also have their own meaning, much like roses. The color and meaning of the different tulips are as listed:
PURPLE: Undying love, Royalty
VARIEGATED: Beautiful eyes; Enchantment
RED: Declaration of love; Believe me;
PINK: Caring; Hopeless love; Perfect love; sunshine in a smile
WHITE: Longing, and forgiveness

To me, tulips are one of perfection. Their simplistic nature makes them almost exotic in a sense and a wonderful gift to receive and send.

New Years Flowers

Butterflies are Free
New Years is just a few days away and with the New Year comes new hopes and dreams. New Year flowers as a gift can help to solidify those hopes and dreams, fill ones heart with joy, and bring in a sweet aroma that will brighten every pore of your life.

Flowers gifted to anyone on this day can open many different emotions. The flowers can speak volumes, sometimes more than words can say. It can heal a hurt from the previous year, rebuild connections, excite new connections, or just continue to relay the love you have for another.

New Years Day is a great day to touch another’s heart and emotions with flowers.