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Green Foliage Plant Care…..Part 1 of 3

Arboricola ScheffleraCare of Green Foliage Plants

Indoor foliage plants are often referred to as tropical plants or even just green plants. Generally used as interior decorations for home and office, most people are beginning to realize that these plants are very beneficial to the indoor environment also. Plants literally clean the air we breathe every minute and some varieties are more efficient than others. In our next article we will address those characteristics while here we will discuss how to select and care for these plants.

Location, Light and Water
The critical factors affecting the daily life of any plant involve basically only two factors:
1. Location as a function of light levels
2. Watering method and frequency plus plant food.
Of course, indoor plants should not be located near doors or drafts from forced air registers nor places such as on top of a hot TV. Hopefully, these are fairly obvious. There is a third factor that is much more difficult to define in most environments and that is the humidity. Continue reading