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Thanksgiving is about family and giving thanks….

Bright Harvest Arrangement

Thanksgiving is all about family and giving thanks. Thanks for all the blessings and love one has in their life no matter how big or little. It is a great time to show that thanks to those you love. Not everyone can gather with all their loved ones on Thanksgiving Day. Married couples often find splitting holidays between parents – one year to the wife’s side and next to the husband sides. With split families, this can even become more of a challenge. No matter who’s home it is you are sharing Thanksgiving with, you can let the others know just how much you care for them as well by sending them a Thanksgiving flower arrangement with a sentimental card attached. This is a great way of making a presence in their home on this holiday even though it may not be your physical being.

It is impossible to be everywhere at once. And for those who try to make the rounds, you know how you feel at the end of the day or even weekend – exhausted and generally 20 pounds heavier! No, flowers may not be the same as you being there in person, but is the next best thing. And just think, you will not be trying to work off the holiday throughout the next year just to start all over again. 

Decorating your Thanksgiving Table

Bright Autumn 2 Centerpiece

With the hustle and bustle of getting everything prepared for the big Thanksgiving feast, don’t forget about dressing that Thanksgiving table. Using your Thanksgiving floral table centerpiece as your base for colors, pull the mildest color out, a soft cream colored flower or pale yellow and use that as your guide for your table cloth. If the colors are really bold and deep in your table flower arrangement, generally there is always a milder accent color even if it is a softer orange. Keep your tablecloth a solid color, not a busy one that you may see at your local department stores sporting various cornucopia’s or pumpkins, squashes, turkeys etc. Those are always fun for a child table though!

Family style is always great for serving a Thanksgiving meal, but if you are anything like my family, there are just too many dishes and not enough table space. If you have adequate counter space, a food bar style with self-serve may work better. You can accent that as well with a couple vases of flowers set around – just keep them away from the piping hot foods or your flowers will not fare well. The small ornamental squashes make great little accents as well. Set them in groups of three with or without curled matching ribbons. However you decorate, as long as it is done with love, will add a beautiful touch to your holiday meal.

Thanksgiving for those Abroad

Thanksgiving is just days away for those who reside in America as well as though who live abroad but still celebrate the traditional American Thanksgiving holiday. If you have loved ones who currently live abroad and can’t be home for Thanksgiving, Brant Florist can help you send your love across the world.

It is hard being away from home and living in a different country, especially when it comes to the holidays. A great way to close the miles between you and your abroad loved one is to send them a feel of Thanksgiving with a wonderful Thanksgiving fruit basket or a wonderful Thanksgiving flower arrangement.

Thanksgiving is about love, family gathering, and celebrating what all we are thankful for, traditionally the harvest of the season, which was shared with all. When you have a loved one not able to partake in such a loving holiday, you can bet they are missing home and family. Show that loved one, regardless of the miles that separate that they are not forgotten, that you are thankful for them being in your life, even if afar, and show them they are loved. A warm Thanksgiving fruit basket or Thanksgiving flower arrangement can give them that sense of belonging and lessening their longing to be with loved ones they miss.

When Miles Separate on Thanksgiving

Harvest Home Cornucopia

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Thanksgiving has been a holiday of great significance for more than a century, denoting a time when families and friends get together to enjoy great conversation, family traditions, and generally indulge in a lavish feast or family dinner. Add to the warmth of the season with gorgeous Thanksgiving flowers. You can decorate your hall table or dinning table with beautiful fall floral arrangements.

However, sometimes it isn’t always possible to gather with your friends. You may be displaced due to work or location makes it difficult to join the rest. On those unfortunate occasions, you can still make sure your presence is felt with a delivery of a beautiful Thanksgiving floral arrangement. The gift will be welcomed graciously and warmly. Though you may be many miles away, you will know a piece of your love is there and your family will too.

Thanksgiving Flowers Centerpiece

My favorite Thanksgiving Flowers are arranged in a centerpiece for the dining room table.  This design is made with fall flowers and candles.  Orange gerbera, orange asiatic lilies, bronze mums and roses are the feature flowers with fillers and greens. Great to send as a gift or to buy for yourself.  May be ordered without candles if that is more suitable. Also, may be used for any occasion or to decorate many locations.Bright Autumn Centerpiece

This design has been named The Bright Autumn Centerpiece and it is easy to see why. The colors are bright and so typical of a fall day created by nature.

This beautiful fall arrangement need not be limited to Thanksgiving.  It would be much appreciated as a birthday gift or for the office foyer. Flowers are at home almost anywhere that is free of drafts and wide temperature swings. Water daily to ensure the flowers have enough to drink. Do not place on delicate surfaces without some protection such as a plate to catch excess water.  Placing the arrangement in a cool place at night will help to prolong the life of the flowers.