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The Cornucopia

Autumnal Abundance Cornucopia

One of the more common symbols of Thanksgiving is the Cornucopia. The Cornucopia is also a strong symbol of a harvest festival. Mostly found now as wicker weaved horn shaped baskets, they are commonly used in Thanksgiving flower and fruit centerpieces for the holiday table.

The Cornucopia is also known as the “horn of plenty”. It originated from a curved goat’s horn filled with fruits and grains gifted to others. Story has it that in Greek legend, Amalthea – a goat, started it all by breaking off one of its horns and offering it up to the Greek God Zeus as a sign of reverence and Zeus showed his appreciation by creating the star constellation we know as the Capricorn.

Come the Thanksgiving season, you will find many tables adorned in various decorated flower Cornucopias. Is it tradition for your table or mantle to be dressed with a Cornucopia during the Thanksgiving Holiday? Brant Florist has a wide array of various Cornucopia flower decorations for your holiday tables or mantle. Here are just a few of them:

Giving Thanks Cornucopia
Bountiful Color™ Cornucopia
Harvest Home Cornucopia

Thanksgiving for those Abroad

Thanksgiving is just days away for those who reside in America as well as though who live abroad but still celebrate the traditional American Thanksgiving holiday. If you have loved ones who currently live abroad and can’t be home for Thanksgiving, Brant Florist can help you send your love across the world.

It is hard being away from home and living in a different country, especially when it comes to the holidays. A great way to close the miles between you and your abroad loved one is to send them a feel of Thanksgiving with a wonderful Thanksgiving fruit basket or a wonderful Thanksgiving flower arrangement.

Thanksgiving is about love, family gathering, and celebrating what all we are thankful for, traditionally the harvest of the season, which was shared with all. When you have a loved one not able to partake in such a loving holiday, you can bet they are missing home and family. Show that loved one, regardless of the miles that separate that they are not forgotten, that you are thankful for them being in your life, even if afar, and show them they are loved. A warm Thanksgiving fruit basket or Thanksgiving flower arrangement can give them that sense of belonging and lessening their longing to be with loved ones they miss.

Thanksgiving in Canada

Autumnal Abundance Cornucopia

On October 11th, Canada will be celebrating their Thanksgiving Day as they do on every second Monday in October. Thanksgiving in Canada differs than Thanksgiving in the US. Unlike the American tradition of remembering Pilgrims and settling in the New World, Canadians give thanks for a successful harvest. The harvest season falls earlier in Canada compared to the United States simply because Canada is further north.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada is a holiday where friends and family gather to enjoy festive meals traditionally including roast turkey, and seasonal produce, such as pumpkin, corn ears, and pecan nuts but no way limited to these items.

A common image seen during this holiday weekend and Thanksgiving Day in Canada is a cornucopia, or horn, filled with seasonal fruit and vegetables. This represents the “Horn of Plenty”, which was a symbol of bounty and plenty in ancient Greece. Turkeys, pumpkins, ears of corn, and large displays of food are also used to symbolize Thanksgiving Day. Dining room tables are accented with flowers, and often times you will find seasonal fall flowers in cornucopias to bring even more color and beauty to the holiday symbol.

If you have family or friends who reside in Canada, help them celebrate this holiday season with a gift of beautiful fall flowers to help accent their homes and bring leave behind a little love.

Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece
Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece
Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece

Everyone is always looking for the perfect centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table! They will love this design. Order now online and send your best wishes with a florist you can trust. Relax……….we guarantee you and your recipient will be pleased. Happy Thanksgiving! You may wish to order a large full size card for your message, add some balloons and maybe even send a box of chocolates along too. Excellent fall gift for any dining room table or coffee table. Great for the office or the home. You may order the Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece without candles.