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Get your Flowers Today for Thanksgiving in Canada

Fall Centerpiece Arrangement

Oct 11th is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and it is still early enough to get your Thanksgiving Flowers sent to your friends and loved ones who reside there. Thanksgiving flower arrangements can make any table look festive while showing the recipient that you care and are thinking of them on their special festive holiday.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada is as big of a holiday as it is in the US, celebrated a lot in similar fashions with a big festive meal with family and friends gathering around the table. Although the reason may differ in the reason for Thanksgiving Day in both counties, the similarity is both are giving thanks – Canada for a great harvest and the US for Pilgrims settling. Other similarities between the two countries are the traditional colors of fall or harvest. Bright oranges, deep res, maroons, and varying shades of yellow and gold are all traditional colors of fall. It is easy to get great flower arrangements in some warm and inviting colors that will compliment any Thanksgiving table. Browse the Brant Florist website, enjoy the fall colors, and find the perfect Thanksgiving flower arrangement to send your friends of family in Canada this year for Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Flowers Centerpiece

My favorite Thanksgiving Flowers are arranged in a centerpiece for the dining room table.  This design is made with fall flowers and candles.  Orange gerbera, orange asiatic lilies, bronze mums and roses are the feature flowers with fillers and greens. Great to send as a gift or to buy for yourself.  May be ordered without candles if that is more suitable. Also, may be used for any occasion or to decorate many locations.Bright Autumn Centerpiece

This design has been named The Bright Autumn Centerpiece and it is easy to see why. The colors are bright and so typical of a fall day created by nature.

This beautiful fall arrangement need not be limited to Thanksgiving.  It would be much appreciated as a birthday gift or for the office foyer. Flowers are at home almost anywhere that is free of drafts and wide temperature swings. Water daily to ensure the flowers have enough to drink. Do not place on delicate surfaces without some protection such as a plate to catch excess water.  Placing the arrangement in a cool place at night will help to prolong the life of the flowers.

Thanksgiving Flowers US

BF9709  Thanksgiving has become a huge four day holiday celebrated with flowers and turkey.  Families gather together, airports are saturated with travellers, the freeways are jammed. Traditional family dinners serve roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberries, sweet potatoes and the list goes on to include many vegetables with pies for dessert.

Guests bring food and there is always a fresh flower Thanksgiving centerpiece on the table.

   People talk about why they are thankful and what has happened in the past year. Family reunions are everywhere as friends and family gather for a sumptuous meal and great conversation.  the cameras flash and toasts are proposed to many things. Everyone is feeling fine. Continue reading