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Say Thank You with Flowers

There are so many different times in our lives that we come across situations that require thanking another for their generosity, time, for lending an ear or a hand, or even just for being them. For all of those occasions and any occasion when you need to thank someone, thank say Thank You with flowers.

Thank you flowers show your appreciation to a person in a fashion nothing else can. They are personal, just like the gesture the person shared with you. When you want to show someone just how much you appreciate their kind gesture thank them with a beautiful array of fresh flowers.

Hand pick the perfect flowers for the one you want to thank through BrantFlorist.com’s easy to use create your own arrangement or choose one of the already flower arrangement designs that say thank you so elegantly and personally.

Thank You flowers are a great way to show your appreciation to anyone one who has touched your life with a kind gesture. So if you have someone that deserves to be thanked with a personal touch, do it with beautiful Thank You flowers from BrantFlorist.com.

A Special Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has helped in the rebuilding efforts of the Brant Florist Facebook FanPage. I wish I could thank every one of you personally. So many of you have gone above any expected effort to get us to where we are at today.

Brant Florist is a family own florist and is all about family and friends. Along the way in our social media outlet, we feel like we have gained a sense of an extended family with many many friends.

For those of you who are not up to speed on what occurred a little over a week ago, I accidentally deleted our old fanpage in an attempt to remove an inactive page. Once a fanpage is deleted, it is deleted for good. There is no turning back so there was nothing left to do but start over. What did we lose because of my mistake? We lost our vanity name, which was BrantFlorist and is now BrantFloristFlowers, we lost a lot of great stories from fans about memories they have involving flowers. We lost a lot of beautiful flower pictures many had shared. Nevertheless, most of all, we lost a lot of great fans. I am please to see some of our previous fans are back with us on our new fanpage and love seeing all the new faces! I hope you will enjoy our page and play along in some of the silly just for fun games and stuff we often do on the page.

Currently, in an attempt to rebuild our fan base, starting at 300 fans, each time we reach a 100’ marker in fans, Brant Florist will be randomly selecting a winner of $25.00 off your next purchase from BrantFlorist.com. Along the way, there will be other ways to win various discounts by merely playing silly games.

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for becoming a part of our extended family. If you haven’t yet joined us… please visit the BrantFloristFlowers fanpage and click “Like” at the top of the page. We would love to have you!

Thank you!

Show your Appreciation to your Working Mom

Thank a working mom with the Sunflower Topiary

This is for all the significant others of the working mom. A mom who holds down a full time job, plus a household deserves to be acknowledged for all that they do. They burn the candle at both ends more times than not. They make sacrifices daily unconditionally. They do it out of love. Now is a time you can do something for them out of love, for no other reason than to show appreciation for all that they give in order for the rest of the family to have. Clean clothes, food on the table, homework done, teeth brushed, doctors appointments made, teacher conferences covered, and the list goes on and on. Are you listening significant others of working moms? If you have found yourself taking all that she does for everyone for granted for even a minute, now is the time to show your appreciation and you can do that with a surprise gift of some beautiful flowers to show your gratitude. You can always rely on a flower arrangement to express your feelings. Let the working mom in your life know just how much she is really appreciated and send her some flowers today.