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Spring Floral Bouquets

6. Spring Floral Bouquets

March 20th and the arrival of the Vernal Equinox marks the much anticipated start

of spring. As it warms the land and melts the snow, spring awakens sleeping

bulbs and buds and before long the land is covered in colourful spring flowers.

Spring is an interesting season for many reasons, firstly it occurs twice (like all

the seasons actually) once in the northern hemisphere, and again 6 months later

in the southern hemisphere. Continue reading

Spring Floral Arrangements

5. Spring Floral Arrangements

Whether it’s spring floral arrangements or May flowers, sending spring flowers

online is a wonderful way to bring the warmth and colour of this special season

into the homes and lives of people you care about. And with today’s latest

technology, Brant Florist and online flower shop can make it happen – in most

cases the same day you order flowers online.

Brant Florist is a local Burlington florist with an established shop on the historic

and bustling Brant Street. With thousands of square feet to explore, Brant Florist

boasts one of the largest selections of locally grown and imported flowers

available. Continue reading

Spring Flower Arrangements

4. Spring Flower Arrangements  (April flowers)

Getting a spring flower arrangement from a close friend is a great reminder that

spring has sprung. Spring arrives (some would say not soon enough) on March

20th, the Vernal equinox.

In ages past this special even was celebrated by giving spring flowers and gifts

and this tradition has continued today. Easter occurs during spring in the northern

hemisphere (remember it’s the fall [autumn] in the southern hemisphere) and

sending April flowers is commonplace too. Continue reading

Send Spring Flowers Online

3. Spring Flowers

March 20th heralds the arrival of spring. Days grow longer, the weather warms

and nature bathes the land in colourful spring flowers. The darkness of winter

fades into memory as people venture out from their homes, the malls, the office

and think towards brighter days.

It’s human nature, during this time of spring, to bring spring flowers into our

homes and places of work. And what better way to tell someone else you are

thinking of them but by sending them spring flowers online. Whether local or

international, sending spring flowers online is as easy as logging on the Brant

Florist website. Continue reading

Spring Flower Bouquets

2. Spring Flower Bouquets

Winter is the harshest of seasons, so it’s with great delight we welcome the

arrival of the season that heralds renewal and life – Spring. The drab, dark lacklustre

of winter is quickly replaced with the resplendence of spring as nature

bathes the land in bright colours and washes away the whites and grays of

winter. Continue reading