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Favorite Summer Flowers

Complete Happiness Bouquet FTD
Complete Happiness Bouquet FTD

Here recently I have been posting pictures of flowers on our Facebook FanPage for our fans to guess if it is a flower or a weed and if a flower what is the name of it. We have had a few jump in with their guesses – Debby, Jessica, Aleksandra and Dagmar. There is no prize and it is just for fun, and you never know, you may even catch me naming a flower wrong. I love this time of year with all the flowers growing and blooming. It can be a surprise everyday you step out your door. Do you have a favorite spring or summer flower? What is it and tell us a little about it. Post a picture of your favorite spring or summer flower on our FanPage and share it with everyone. It is a great way to learn more about flowers and maybe even find a few you don’t have in your garden but would like to add. Give details if you could such as if it is a perennial or annual and growing tips. It is fun to share a love of flowers with others with the same love.

I will be drawing for the our May Free Flower Giveaway tomorrow and announcing the winner so stay tuned to see if it is you! Invite your friends to join in on our FanPage and give them an opportunity to win as well!

My favorite summer flower by the way is the Daisy, any and all types. I love the simplicity of them, yet as simple as they are they always evoke such warm and happy thoughts in me. Now it is your turn to share! :-)