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Romance with Tulips?

Mixed Color Tulips

Roses are the typical flower one thinks of when thinking of romancing. But does that mean roses are the only flower you can truly romance with? NO! People are moving away from the traditional style of romancing with roses and making their gestures more intimate to the individual they are romancing. Take tulips for instance. Tulips are an exotic yet affordable flower that are just as gorgeous as roses, and if the person you are romancing has a love for tulips, a gift of a dozen tulips will fare much more than a dozen roses.

Tulips and other flowers can express your feelings as eloquently as roses, especially if it is your significant others favorite flower. Traditionally, roses were the norm, but now people are choosing picking other exotic flowers as a token of love and or appreciation. Brant Florist can help you put together the perfect arrangement for the one you are romancing that will best fit his or her personality, which will ignite the heart of anyone.

Yellow Roses for New Mom

A Dozen Yellow Roses for the new Mom!

When you have a loved one in your life who is getting ready to give birth or has recently given birth, regardless if it is your wife, sister, friend, etc… the perfect gift to show your joy is a flower arrangement with yellow roses. Yellow roses signify joy and gladness. She will adore the gift of a stunning flower bouquet with yellow roses incorporated in it, or a simple dozen yellow roses and the thought behind it. You will be able to delight in the look of joy on her face when she sees them. Of course, the biggest sparkle in her eyes will be the new born baby, but the yellow roses she can later dry to have a subtle warm remembrance of the special day and how she felt, not that it is easy to ever forget.

The birth of a child is a memorable occasion, so do not miss this opportunity to express your love and happiness. Long stem yellow roses render the freshness and the novelty within it and are a great way of expressing your feelings. If you cannot be there on the memorable occasion, gifting a flower bouquet of long stem yellow roses is an unspoken way of expressing the feeling of pride and joy you feel as well as shows that your thoughts and happiness are with the new mom.

Household Products for your Flower Care

Florist Grower Selection

Did you know there are many things in your kitchen that can make your flower garden perk up and even prevent or cure diseases? Well it is true.. For example, that left over pickle juice in the bottom of the pickle jar when poured at the base of your gardenias stand up and take notice producing even bigger and brighter blooms!

This little tonic will help your roses blooming all summer long beautifully. Just mix a couple tablespoons of instant tea, a tablespoon of dry red wine, half a teaspoon of fish emulsion, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of iron ( you can get it at any garden center) in a gallon of warm water in a bucket and treat your rose bushes to a quart of the mixture every three weeks during the growing center and you will experience roses like you never have before!

Next spring when you start planting your annuals and perennials, give them a healthy energy boost and a great start by making a mixture of 1 cup of sugar, three cups of bone meal, and one cup of Epsom salt in an old bucket. Now, before planting your seedling, just sprinkle a pinch or so in the bottom of the hole and you will between last years plantings and your current flowers when they grow faster and stronger and provide more blooms!

Another cure for black mold I didn’t mention before comes in a cleaning solution mixture of 1 cup of antiseptic mouthwash, one cup of chamomile tea, and one cup of Murphy’s oil soap in a 20 gallon hose end sprayer. Spay down all your treasured beauties and repeat every two weeks through out the growing season and you will have the best looking flower beds around!

Do you have any flower secrets you would like to share with the readers? Feel free to do so here!

Flower Diseases ~ Black Spots

Black Spots on Roses

It makes you want to cry when you see your prime roses covered with black spots. What on earth is happening to your prize roses you ask. Black spot disease is yet another evil villain of our beloved flowers and another common fungal disease. And roses are its biggest victim.

The disease typically begins as black spots on the foliage. They are most prevalent on upper leaf surfaces, and may be up to ½″ across. The leaves will eventually turn yellow around the spots, then become all yellow and fall off. The spots may also appear on rose canes, appearing first purple and then turning black.

Again, the culprit for this disease is too wet of conditions for too long of a time frame. It only takes seven hours for infection to set in, so when watering your roses be sure to water early in the morning to give ample sun time for drying and avoid watering on known cloudy days. Also, make sure to water from the ground avoiding all foliage and flowers. Use proper spacing so your roses can get good circulation. These things will help to minimize the disease and or prevent it totally.

Black spot fungus overwinters in fallen leaves and infected canes. Prune out infections and rake the fallen leaves at the end of the season.

Rose varieties vary greatly in their resistance to black spot, so choose resistant ones. If this information is not indicated on plant labels, you can research the variety online or check with experts at your local nursery. Several of the shrub roses show resistance to black spot—and powdery mildew. Many of the other shrub roses and old-fashioned roses are resistant as well.

To help control black spot disease, dust roses infected with black spot with sulfur powder. Sulfur will not kill the fungus spores, but it will prevent a new generation from germinating. You can also use a spray solution of 1 tsp. baking soda mixed in 1 qt. warm water in the early morning hours on your roses foliage. In addition, when your plants are in the dormant season, spray your roses with a dormant oil or Bordeaux mixture.

Baskets and Baskets of Flowers

Daisy Dreams Basket by Teleflora

Baskets and Baskets of wicker baskets of flowers can be found on the Brant Florist website. Why, – because who doesn’t like getting big beautiful baskets of flowers. Not only are the flowers such a welcomed gift, but like in the Daisy Dreams Basket by Teleflora pictured above, once the flowers have ran their time, you are left with a beautiful basket to use for whatever you dream.

Giving a basket of flowers is like giving someone a basket full of joy. The Daisy Dreams Basket full of flowers is full of beautiful pink and yellow roses, white daisy spray chrysanthemums and Million Star gypsophila and adorned with a bright pink bow.

This is just one of the many gorgeous baskets of flowers you can send a loved one. Here are just a few more but feel free to browse the BrantFlorist website and see how many basket of flowers you can find!

Planter Basket with Mixed Plants by Brant

Planter Basket with Mixed Plants by Brant

Flourishing Garden Flower Basket

Flourishing Garden Flower Basket

Blushing Beauty Basket of Flowers

Blushing Beauty Basket of Flowers