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Sending Valentines Day Flowers to Vancouver

Red Hot Buquet Teleflora 10V110B Deluxe

It is not too late to get your Valentines Day flower arrangement order in before Valentines Day to be delivered to Vancouver. With Brant Florist, you can rest assured that your special someone will not feel neglected by not receiving the Valentines flowers you order online for her. The important thing is that you do it right now though while the flower selections are still high. Valentines Day is one of the most busiest floral holidays of the year, and flowers go fast. So when you want to have the perfect Valentines Day arrangement sent, order as early as possible.

That doesn’t mean though that if you order the day before your loved one will have to go without Valentines Day flowers, nor that the quality of the flower arrangement be any less than the best. It is just that the variety of flowers available may be jeopardized by the high demand. Brant Florist plans for Valentines Day well in advance to try to accommodate everyone in his or her Valentines Day flower needs. Every year they are ordering more and more flowers to meet the rush for Valentines Day flower delivery to Vancouver and everywhere else in the world.

Don’t procrastinate another minute. Order your Valentines Day flowers now online from Brant Florist and make that special someone’s day when they answer their door to receive the Valentines Day Flower Arrangement you picked special just for them.

Start a New Father Son Tradition this Valentines Day

At First BlushIt is never too late to start grooming your son to be a romantic strong male. One way to begin that grooming process is making it a tradition to include your sons in your selection of Valentines Day Flowers for the women in your life – spouse, parent, significant other, etc. By including them in the decision making process of choosing the perfect Valentines Day flowers for that special someone, they are learning the value of flowers in a relationship as well as learning how to be thoughtful, romantic, and unafraid to show their feelings through flowers.

When purchasing your flowers online through Brant Florist, you and your son can sit and talk about the various Valentines Day Flowers and how you each feel certain ones would make that special someone feel. You would be surprised how much help an offspring can be in that decision making process as they see pure beauty in both the people they love and in the flowers and can make those connections quickly. You can choose to send Valentines Day flowers to that special someone in a singular Valentines Flower arrangement as a combined gift or each select the flower arrangement that expresses your individual feelings. Either way you can be sure she will feel extra special on Valentines Day thanks to the men in her life – big and small.

Here are some terrific Valentine Flower selections from Brant Florist that will make that special someone feel extra special on Valentines Day:

In Love with Red Roses Bouquets V6g Good 12 Roses

In Love with Red Roses Bouquets V6g Good 12 Roses

Lovely Orchids

Lovely Orchids

Enchanted Evening

Enchanted Evening

Springtime 18 Roses With Chocolates

Springtime 18 Roses With Chocolates

Speak Softly Bouquet

Speak Softly Bouquet

Gift of Valentines Flowers Suggestions for the Man in your Life

I know I had posted a blog previously on proper flowers colors and types to send to the man in your life for Valentines Day, however, I felt it may help if I give you actual examples of flower arrangements and gifts for him from Brant Florist that will make any man proud to call you his.

Although some of these flower gift selections are not necessarily titled with a sweet romantic Valentines Day sentiment, the flowers do their own speaking, and they are a safe bet to have delivered to any man, no matter how manly he may be.

Woodland Greens
The safest bet if your man enjoys plants is just that – a plant and the Woodland Green is a sure fire win. If your man has an office and works at a desk, you can be sure he will be thinking of you every time he waters the Woodland Green or glances in its direction.

When you want to get a bit more daring, send him Valentines Day roses with a huge bouquet of Valentines Day Balloons. Yes, his fellow co-workers will give him some ribbing, but in reality your man will have a new spring to his step and his chest will be sticking out just a little bit further as he struts bragging about the fact that at least he GOT flowers for Valentines Day.. and ribs back that the others must be doing something wrong.

Two Dozen Roses
Two Dozen Roses

All about Love Helium Balloons
All About Love Helium Balloons

Secret Crush
Have a crush on someone and want to let him know- send him the Secret Crush flower arrangement for Valentines Day. This one is a great one for men for Valentines Day due to its deep rich colors. This flower arrangement is definitely a bold and beautiful statement that will get you noticed and you will not be forgotten. Just be careful because the gift of Valentines flowers to your man will pay back sweetly; be ready to be smothered with some love!

Simple Sophistication
This beautiful Valentines arrangement – Simple Sophistication, although as it says – a simple arrangement it goes beyond simplicity with its pure white calla lilies making a strong statement perfect for gifting to a man on Valentines Day.

Flowers in a Mug
Flowers in a Mug is also another safe bet for that man that you are a little bit unsure about sending flowers too. Not to much, but enough to get the point across and definitely not sissy looking yet still beautiful and practical. After the flowers have run there term, your man still has a coffee cup to use!

This is just a small sample of what is available through Brant Florist to have delivered to your man on Valentines Day. Feel free to browse Brant Florist site for more ideas but do not feel you need to send a flower arrangement specifically set for Valentines Day. You may find one of the hundreds of other arrangements available more suiting to your man. After all, no one knows another’s man like his woman does. Happy shopping and Happy Valentines Day!

Giving the gift of Roses for Valentines Day

Loves Touch Rose Bouquet

Giving or having roses delivered on Valentines Day has become common practice amongst those in love and some say that nothing other than roses can truly convey ones feelings as deeply as roses. Many relate this to the meanings behind the colors of roses gifted, each color having its own specific meaning attached and by selecting the right colored roses to ones feelings makes that gift even more meaningful than any other does.

Here are some of the popular rose colors given on Valentines Day and their meaning:

Red Valentines Roses conveys romantic love.
Purple Valentines Day Roses conveys love at first sight.
Orange Valentines Day Roses conveys deep desire.
Yellow Valentines Roses conveys your happiness and friendship.
Peach Valentines Day Roses convey gratitude and appreciation.
Pink Valentines Day Roses convey innocent and tender love.
White Valentines Day Roses convey purity of love.

Whether you are having Valentine roses delivered to a lover, mother, or even daughter, there is a rose/color perfect to convey that special bond, that relationship and your feelings towards it and Brant Florist is more than happy to help you send just that feeling.

Valentines Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers

      Valentines Day is celebrated on Feb 14 and it has become the day for lovers to express their love for each other.  Flowers have become the number one gift as well as cards, chocolates and candy.  Most would think flowers are the major expression of love and admiration not only for Feb 14th but at many other times during the year. Valentine’s Day Flowers are very popular and mean so much  to the person receiving the flowers. Both men and women love to receive flowers at Valentines. Continue reading