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Gift of Valentines Flowers Suggestions for the Man in your Life

I know I had posted a blog previously on proper flowers colors and types to send to the man in your life for Valentines Day, however, I felt it may help if I give you actual examples of flower arrangements and gifts for him from Brant Florist that will make any man proud to call you his.

Although some of these flower gift selections are not necessarily titled with a sweet romantic Valentines Day sentiment, the flowers do their own speaking, and they are a safe bet to have delivered to any man, no matter how manly he may be.

Woodland Greens
The safest bet if your man enjoys plants is just that – a plant and the Woodland Green is a sure fire win. If your man has an office and works at a desk, you can be sure he will be thinking of you every time he waters the Woodland Green or glances in its direction.

When you want to get a bit more daring, send him Valentines Day roses with a huge bouquet of Valentines Day Balloons. Yes, his fellow co-workers will give him some ribbing, but in reality your man will have a new spring to his step and his chest will be sticking out just a little bit further as he struts bragging about the fact that at least he GOT flowers for Valentines Day.. and ribs back that the others must be doing something wrong.

Two Dozen Roses
Two Dozen Roses

All about Love Helium Balloons
All About Love Helium Balloons

Secret Crush
Have a crush on someone and want to let him know- send him the Secret Crush flower arrangement for Valentines Day. This one is a great one for men for Valentines Day due to its deep rich colors. This flower arrangement is definitely a bold and beautiful statement that will get you noticed and you will not be forgotten. Just be careful because the gift of Valentines flowers to your man will pay back sweetly; be ready to be smothered with some love!

Simple Sophistication
This beautiful Valentines arrangement – Simple Sophistication, although as it says – a simple arrangement it goes beyond simplicity with its pure white calla lilies making a strong statement perfect for gifting to a man on Valentines Day.

Flowers in a Mug
Flowers in a Mug is also another safe bet for that man that you are a little bit unsure about sending flowers too. Not to much, but enough to get the point across and definitely not sissy looking yet still beautiful and practical. After the flowers have run there term, your man still has a coffee cup to use!

This is just a small sample of what is available through Brant Florist to have delivered to your man on Valentines Day. Feel free to browse Brant Florist site for more ideas but do not feel you need to send a flower arrangement specifically set for Valentines Day. You may find one of the hundreds of other arrangements available more suiting to your man. After all, no one knows another’s man like his woman does. Happy shopping and Happy Valentines Day!

What’s the most popular Valentine’s gift? Flowers!

Happy Hearts

Flower bouquets are the most popular Valentines Day gift given. That doesn’t mean that other gifts are not given as well, but generally, with any gift given, flowers accompany it.

If you stop and think about it, if you have a romantic partner that is, on Valentines Day you can pretty much expect flowers. You actually would be disappointed if you didn’t get flowers. You may even think something was going wrong in your relationship if you didn’t get them and question why. Gifting flowers on Valentines Day has always been a long time tradition of showing your love to another and a pretty great one at that.

Although roses are more of the traditional flower of Valentines Day, it doesn’t limit one to gift just roses or always roses. Granted, roses are sweet and have their own little meanings, there are so many beautiful flowers available for one to send and surprise a loved one. You can always match your flowers to the type of relationship you have. If it is a more adventurous relationship – go exotic. If it is sweet, new and endearing, daisies are always sweet. If it is a long lasting intimate one, you already know your loved ones favorite flowers and they are always your best bet! Roses are always great, but don’t let them limit your creativity in the message you are trying to convey this Valentines Day.

New Years Flowers

Butterflies are Free
New Years is just a few days away and with the New Year comes new hopes and dreams. New Year flowers as a gift can help to solidify those hopes and dreams, fill ones heart with joy, and bring in a sweet aroma that will brighten every pore of your life.

Flowers gifted to anyone on this day can open many different emotions. The flowers can speak volumes, sometimes more than words can say. It can heal a hurt from the previous year, rebuild connections, excite new connections, or just continue to relay the love you have for another.

New Years Day is a great day to touch another’s heart and emotions with flowers.

Common Flowers for the New Year

Lovely Orchids

With the New Year, new hopes, dreams, aspirations, and New Year’s resolutions are made. A great New Year’s resolution to make is making a stronger effort in keeping in touch with those you have lost contact with or those you haven’t been able to stay in as close of contact as you wish. A great way of doing this is by sending the occasional gift of flowers.

Flowers are a great way of reconnecting and there is no better time to start then the New Year. The New Year is a great time to wish those close and far your desires for them to have a happy and prosperous New Year and a great way to send those feelings is through a beautiful flower arrangement with some of the common flowers of the New Year.

Some common flowers sent relaying ones New Year’s wishes are roses, stargazer lilies, tulips, Irises, and Orchids. But just because these are typical flowers sent doesn’t mean you have to stick with just these varieties. You can always send flowers that represent the recipient’s favorite flowers or even yours for that matter. No matter what, the flowers you send as a gift for New Years, you will know this – the recipients New Year will start out with a huge smile and a warm heart.

Start the New Year with your Love with Sensual Flowers

calla lilies
Birds of Paradise

Flowers have always been a sensual gift when given in romantic situations. They evoke all sorts of loving feelings in the receiver and leave a smile on their face and their heart. The gifting of flowers continues to increase every year, and with good reason – they are one of the best received gift a person can send with the lowest return or rejected rate ever!!! With flowers, you can never go wrong.

The gifting of flowers to those in fresh budding romances and even romances that have stood the test of time is a perfect gift for the New Year. Sensual flowers can evoke even more passion in a long time romance or even a brand new relationship.

Flower bouquets given as a gift on New Years Day is becoming more popular than a box of chocolates. Why? Because flower bouquets can be more personalized than chocolate, last longer, and instill so much more in the receiver. Other popular New Year Day’s flower gifts Flower Baskets and Flower Topiaries. Popular sensual flowers used in flower arrangements and bouquets for New Years Day are Roses, Lilies, Iris, Orchids, Birds of Paradise on top of your receivers flower favorites. If you want to make a long lasting impression for the start of the New Year, give the gift that gives so much back ~ Flowers!