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Flower Etiquette ~ Relationship Problems

Love in Blooms Flower Bouquet
Love in Blooms Flower Bouquet

Inquiry: This is not your typical relationship problem, it is friends of mine that are having difficulties in their marriage. A rough patch one might say. Nothing to drastic, but if a little spark isn’t added I am afraid they may split further and would hate to see that happen. They are a great couple. I would like to send flowers secretly to one of them with a card saying it is from the other spouse in hopes it will open communication and bring a spark back. Have you done this before and is it proper? Signed, A Loving Friend of a Once Happy Couple.

Dear, A Loving Friend of a Once Happy Couple

First off, you know the couple far better than we do and know best how it would be perceived. In general, without knowing the couple, if you have always had a close relationship with this couple and feel the need to send flowers, I would suggest you send either a flower arrangement to them as a couple with a card expressing your love only. Maybe add a gift certificate to the flowers for a dinner out for two give them an opportunity to reconnect and talk. If there are children involved offer your services to sit while they go out and dine. If they are a couple that is typically fun loving, you could possibly send separate flowers to each of them from one another. It will surly put a smile on their face when they receive them, however, when having the card filled out, do not make apologies for one or the other. That is not your place and you may not really know the extent of the problem. Rather, on the card sign it, from spouses name via your name. However, my first suggestion is a flower arrangement for the couple; leave the rest to them. You don’t want to do anything that may harm your relationship with them by overstepping if you value it.