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What to do with Expired Flowers

State of Bliss Corsage

The event that was decorated with flowers, weddings, showers, birthdays, even funerals leave behind a mass amount of flowers. They are great to display and to gift out until their beauty starts to fade, butt then what do you do with them. Many merely toss them in the trash; however, you have other options.

Before your flowers begin to fade, you can preserve your bouquet by freeze drying them. It is best to have this professionally done because the process does not just mean placing your flowers in a cooler of dry ice. Professionals use special equipment and chemicals to remove the moisture from your flowers to preserve their color and beauty. Once they are done though, you can admire their beauty for several years. This is a rather expensive option, but if you want to relive your special moment or memory as long as possible, it is a great option for longevity.

Another option is to press your flowers. It is not too hard of a procedure and here are a few links of the process to help you out.

How to Press and Dry Flowers from Family Crafts.com

How to Press Flowers from AmazingMoms.com

Here is a video I enjoy. Not only does it show you how to press flowers but a neat way to use those flowers after they are pressed.

You can also dry your flowers. There are several different ways you can go about this. Here is a link that will give you various options.
Methods of Preserving Flowers from North Dakota Agriculture Department

Another option is to start a compost pile. It is a great way to start a organic compost for your home gardening needs and gives back the to the environment.

These options are much better than simply tossing the flowers in the trash and gives you the option of keeping their beauty around for even longer.