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Flight runaway for Bees

Who would have thought that the stripes on some flowers are actually runways for bees looking to pollinate. Flowers, like the snapdragon, have natural stripe patterns that direct bees in the right direction for pollination.

Striped flowers help direct bees to pollen as researchers at the John Innes Center in the UK have discovered. Snapdragons feature stripes on their petals that follow the vein of the flowers. It is like a natural flight path for bees. According to scientist, bees were more likely to visit striped and red flowers over any other when looking to do their thing!

Scientist have shown that bees often memorize shapes, scents, colors and designs on flower petals to help them remember where flowers grow during warm seasons. You may want to take this information into mind when planning your spring garden. You have plenty of time to study different flowers besides the snapdragons that have natural stripe patterns making the perfect runways for bees to pollinate.