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“Wow” them Flowers!

Calla Lily Promise™ Bouquet

When you want to really “WOW” a recipient with flowers go exotic or with huge blooms. Go with flowers that are not the typical filler flowers in flower arrangements. Go with bold colors that make a statement in designs that are unusual and create conversation. Some great flowers to “WOW” the receiver of flowers are:

Orchids: Absolutely one of the most stunning yet understated flower in a flower arrangement. They are great for creating various types of exotic flower arrangements.

Calla lilies: These lilies are elegant and sleek and definitely make a statement with its clean lines and modish look makes it very popular for weddings and added to arrangements that are created to wow a person.

Lilly of the Valley: This fragrant beauty can be rather pricy added to a floral arrangement, but its elegance is worth the price when one sees the benefit it gives to a “wow” flower arrangement.

Peonies: Very seasonal and another hard find so when you do hit the season right, peonies make a bold statement.

Magnolias: Keep in mind that these are not always available at all florists and are seasonal so the price will reflect this but so will the sentiment.

Hydrangeas: These delightfully feminine flowers large, tightly packed blooms require fewer to get the desired affect making it a price effective way to create the perfect wow flower arrangement.

If the old standbys of roses and carnations just don’t seem to give enough wow factor on their own, consider adding some of the suggested flowers to give your flower arrangement a real “Wow” factor.

Pet Friendly Flowers

Gerbera Daisy Vased

Pets are an integral part of many households and although sending flowers to family and friends is a wonderful way to express your feelings, take into consideration the furry family members that reside with them.

Pets, especially cats, dogs, and potbelly pigs (yes, they are in a lot of people’s home making a great addition to their households) are nosey creatures. They love to sniff and taste everything, and flowers are definitely no exception. The beautiful colors and the sweet aroma of flowers are a strong attraction on their own to both human and animal alike.

Household with pets take a little bit more thought when sending flowers to ensure that the flowers you are sending won’t bring harm to any family member, furry or not.

Most plants/flowers won’t cause more then an upset tummy if it is ingested by pets but some can cause more serious health problems.

Here are some common pet friendly plants/flowers you can send to pet friendly homes without issue:

  • African daisy
  • African violet
  • Alyssum
  • Bachelors buttons
  • Begonia
  • Celosia
  • Common Snapdragon
  • Easter Daisy
  • Orchids
  • Peruvian lily
  • Brazilian lily
  • Rose

For further listing on plant/flower toxicity for animals check out the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center website.


Morning Joy Orchids
Orchids are just one of the many beautiful delicate and exotic flowers that are universally beautiful in any flower arrangement. Orchids can be enjoyed in your own flower garden easily and for those who fear the power of their green thumb, can be enjoyed through flowers delivered from Brant Florist.

Due to the orchid’s exotic delicate nature, newbie gardeners fear attempting to grow them in their garden. In reality, orchids are far hardier and more adaptable then one may think. There are many rugged, popular, easy-to-grow types of orchids that adapt well to the temperatures and light conditions found on the average home windowsill.

Here is a great instructional video on Orchid care to get you started and for more information on how to grow orchids check out the American Orchid Society’s website  or How to Grow Orchid’s website  both full of helpful information.


For those of you who would prefer your orchids delivered pre-grown, here are a few suggestion that can be found on Brant Florist website to decorate any room of your home.

Lovely Orchids

Lovely Orchids



Serenity Orchids

Serenity Orchids

Lasting Love Orchids by FTD

Lasting Love Orchids by FTD


Tropical Anthuriums and Orchids
Orchids can easily be considered a very exotic flower and definitely make a strong impact when gifted to another. Orchids are more unique than most other flowers. Their germination period varies on the habitat and if not optimal, they will not germinate or grow. Some flowers are more forgiving; the Orchid is not. They demand a very specific environment. Therefore, when you have that special someone who is by far more unique than the norm, a flower arrangement of orchids will definitely set you apart from the norm as well. It will leave a prominent impression in the receiver’s thoughts and put a warm feeling in their heart for quiet some time. Receiving orchids is a gift one does not ever forget. Roses are nice; do not get me wrong, but the uniqueness and the exotic flare that orchids deliver is like none other.

Common Flowers for the New Year

Lovely Orchids

With the New Year, new hopes, dreams, aspirations, and New Year’s resolutions are made. A great New Year’s resolution to make is making a stronger effort in keeping in touch with those you have lost contact with or those you haven’t been able to stay in as close of contact as you wish. A great way of doing this is by sending the occasional gift of flowers.

Flowers are a great way of reconnecting and there is no better time to start then the New Year. The New Year is a great time to wish those close and far your desires for them to have a happy and prosperous New Year and a great way to send those feelings is through a beautiful flower arrangement with some of the common flowers of the New Year.

Some common flowers sent relaying ones New Year’s wishes are roses, stargazer lilies, tulips, Irises, and Orchids. But just because these are typical flowers sent doesn’t mean you have to stick with just these varieties. You can always send flowers that represent the recipient’s favorite flowers or even yours for that matter. No matter what, the flowers you send as a gift for New Years, you will know this – the recipients New Year will start out with a huge smile and a warm heart.