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Happy Birthday Ken!!

Ginger Spice Fall Roses Vased

Today is Ken Bolt’s birthday and in honor of that, I decided to write a blog hosting testimonies from customers that Ken has helped through touching others lives through flowers. If I could give Ken anything in the world today, it would be for everyone on Facebook to go and “Like” the Brant Florist Fanpage. I hope all the readers will help me at least make this start to come true.

Ken Bolt is the owner and operator of Brant Florist. Brant Florist has been owned and operated by The Bolt family since 1977. Doyle, Tim, Elaine and Ken Bolt try to treat every customer the way they would like to be treated. The staff at Brant Florist are well trained, have many years of experience, professional, and always there to help you in any size order. In 1996, Brant Florist went online to service you and anyone with their floral needs.

Just read some of these great customer testimonies and see how Brant Florist and the Bolt family have helped to make a difference in people’s lives and continue to do so daily. These is just some of the more recent testimonies.

Nov 19, 2010
Dear Sirs,
My daughter-in-law received the flowers as ordered. Both she and my son said they were “magnificent” (and that’s a quote).
Lorraine H.

Nov 19, 2010
Thank You!
My mother just called me to say “I shouldn’t have” – par for the course.
My mother also said it was so gorgeous I must have spent way too much money! Nah!
Thanks for helping me, give my 85 year old mom a boost!
Lori T.

Nov 18, 2010
My mother-in-law telephoned right after the flowers were delivered – she was delighted!
Thank you again for your excellent service!
Muriel W.

Nov 17, 2010
I was very excited to get the arrangement. I was just as happy that it got delivered too. Thanks for all that you did. I really hit a home run with this gift!!!
Thanks again. I will not hesitate to use your service again

Nov 17, 2010
I just wanted to express how pleased I am with your service. I placed the order on line this morning and the flowers were actually delivered within the hour! I’ve never experienced such prompt service before. Great job.
And the arrangement was beautiful and my wife is happy…which means I’m happy. Thanks again.

Nov 16, 2010
Just want to say Thanks for the beautiful flowers that were sent.
I will definitely be using and recommending you guys again.

Nov 5, 2010
I just wanted to write and say “Thank You!”. My sister told me that the floral arrangement was absolutely beautiful, and I want to let you know how impressed I am with both your service and your outstanding communication. Your website ordering feature is excellent and the format very easy to follow. I will definitely recommend to my friends!!!
Nancy B.

Oct 22, 2010
You helped to make our daughter’s birthday extra special. Thank you once again for delivering a lovely bouquet so promptly.
Jane McLaughlin

Oct 21, 2010
Thank you so much for your wonderful service.
Again I was told that my Mom received a beautiful plant as I requested.
I have ordered a number of times via Brant Florist and always been satisfied.
Joan Ethan

Oct 17, 2010
To Ken,
Thank you very much for being so kind and carrying out my wishes as I am so far away it’s the only way I can convey my thoughts and sincerity.
Thank you again.
Kindest regards,
Paula C.

October Birthday’s

You're Special Bouquet by FTD

There is something about October birthdays that I just adore. I think it is because all of the warm colors that surround us this time of year. It is fun sending flowers to loved ones anytime of year, but I especially adore the fall colors that flowers come in an abundance of. The rusty oranges, the golden hues, the deep maroons, and even the browns just make any heart warm up when they are received in a beautiful flower bouquet.

This could also the reason I love the Thanksgiving flower collection as well! Yards are being decorated for Halloween and the indoors are starting to spring up festive fall décor for Thanksgiving in the U.S. From pumpkins to Haystakes, to warm Fall Wreaths on doors… the fall colors in flower decorations are just gorgeous. It just goes without saying that in birthday bouquets they would be greeted with the same warmth that the colors exude.

So if you have a loved one with an October birthday, this is a great time to send them a warm heart in the gift of fall colored flowers. Not only are they the perfect gift for a birthday, they will also make for great fall décor in the birthday person’s home.

October Birth Flower – Marigold and the Cosmos


Birth month flowers are designated to a special month. Whatever month you were born in, there is a special flower or two that are specifically for your month. For the month of October, those special flowers would be the Marigold (Calendula) and the Cosmos.

Marigold / Calendula
The marigolds, genus Calendula L., are a genus of about 20 species of annual or perennial herbaceous plants in the daisy family Asteraceae, native to Mexico and Central America, the Mediterranean region and Macaronesia.

The petals of the Pot Marigold are spicy and are edible, added to dishes as a garnish. Sacred affection is shown with the marigold. Those born in the month of October are known for being warm, receptive people who are easy going and easy to talk to. Marigolds are said to represent contentment, excellence, loveliness, good luck, grace, gratitude, joy, love of nature, comfort, and true love.

Cosmos is a genus of about twenty species of annual and perennial plants of the Asteraceae family, including the garden flowers Cosmos bipinnatus (also known as “Mexican Aster”),Cosmos atrosanguineus (“Chocolate Cosmos”) and Cosmos sulphureus (“Yellow Cosmos”). This particular type of flower comes in many bright colors. Some popular colors are pinks, reds, yellow, magenta, and white.

These flowers are very fragrant, chocolate cosmos even smell like chocolate. Cosmos is the Greek word for harmony or ordered universe. Cosmos flowers symbolize peace, modesty, creation, and wholeness as well as joy.

Birthday Flowers for me?

Most people love to get birthday presents on their birthdays. They may not always want to admit their age, but they do like to be acknowledged on their special day. Myself, I prefer not to have my birthday broadcasted for all to know because I am one in the many who would rather keep pretending I am 29 years old forever although I left that age many a moons ago. But, just because I don’t want my age announced, doesn’t mean I don’t want to be acknowledged. I think that goes for most everyone. A great way to acknowledge someone on their birthday both near and far is by sending them a beautiful birthday flower bouquet. Yes, birthday cards are nice, but flowers are even better. Flowers speak above and beyond the card although a nice addition to any flower bouquet!

Even when you come across the occasional friend or relative that “claims” they don’t want their birthday acknowledged, you can be sure that if you send them flowers, they definitely will not be sending them back. They may fuss and mess over the fact you got them a gift, but secretly, they are smiling and as soon as you can’t see them or hear them, their joy will be shinning through. No one lies to be forgotten on his or her special day. Make even the most cynical person’s birthday shine bright with a gift of flowers delivered.

When you want the Best Flower Delivery…

…choose the best.

Flowers are the most stunning contribution from nature of color and symbolism. They make the perfect gift for any occasion whether it is to celebrate or mourn. Flowers play the multiple roles from being used as gifts, home decoration, natural medical remedies, adorn grounds, used as inspiration for various forms of art, and much more.

Flowers used as gifts are only perfect when they are fresh and vibrant. That is where it is important when you want to send a gift of earth’s natural beauty, it is important to use only a reputable online florist known for sending out only the freshest flowers. Next to the delivery of the fresh flowers, is the floral arrangement. Flowers are naturally beautiful but a well-trained florist is an artist in their own right in their creations of the perfect floral arrangement conveying the perfect message making the already beautiful flowers even that much more extravagant. BrantFlorist can provide both those extremely important aspects in online flower delivery. When you want the best, use the best. BrantFlorist will guarantee their quality every time you order flower delivery from them.