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Calling on Husbands! Surprise your Wife on Mother’s Day

Antique Lace Flower Bouquet M200 by Teleflora
Antique Lace Flower Bouquet M200 by Teleflora

Okay men! Has your wife bore you children? Does that not make her a mother? A question I am asked frequently is “Why should I give my wife flowers on Mother’s Day? She isn’t my mom.” Ask yourself this, if she is a mom, and she is dear to your heart, then the proper etiquette is to acknowledge her on Mother’s Day. After all, does she or does she not tend to the children in your home? A mother is a full time job, and not taking anything away from a father’s role (you have your day too by the way), taking one day out of the year to acknowledge this isn’t going to hurt any husband and in return, you make the woman of the household very happy! And remember guys, if mom isn’t happy, no one is happy!

Here are some suggestions to help you pay honor to the woman who rears the kids 24/7 365 days out of the year, with asking nothing in return but just a little love.

  • Flowers are always a win, but there is no need to stop there if you really want your wife to shine this Mother’s Day. Consider adding a assortment of candies or chocolate to the flowers, or a balloon bouquet to add to the celebration.
  • Clean the house and do all the laundry. (The dreaded never ending task! That on will score you big as long as you don’t ruin any clothes.) Get the kids to help!
  • Can you cook? Hook up a special meal (preferably her favorite if you can) and have the table set with candlelights and flowers! If you can’t cook, make reservations to her favorite restaurant.
  • Get her vehicle detailed or you and the kids can have fun together washing the car inside and out while you set mom up with a nice relaxing bubble bath all set with candles and a single red rose! Run the car to the gas station and fill it up while you are at it.
  • Handle all child conflicts. Allow nothing to slip passed you to mom.
  • Make arrangements for the kids to go to the sitter and plan a romantic evening out on the town followed up with a peaceful evening for just the two of you.
  • Make time! Clear your calendar! Give the day to her! If you cannot devote the day to her because of a work conflict, then make sure you give her a day you can and then make sure you follow through.

The best gift you can give your wife this Mother’s Day is acknowledgement for all that she does do for you and the children. Express to her how much she is appreciated in words and gestures of love. Make sure she feels the day is about her because you do actually appreciate and love her, and not just because it is a day on the calendar that dictates so. If women are reading this, feel free to add suggestions in comments to help the men out. For you men reading, add your suggestions of ideas that scored big points for you on Mother’s Day.

Candy for Mother’s Day

One Pound Of Delicious Chocolates

A nice touch to any flower bouquet is a nice selection of gourmet candy and the perfect all time love – chocolate. Most women love chocolate at least occasionally, and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat oneself to candy. Because of that, Mom’s around the world take pleasure in indulging in a piece of candy here in there, especially when it accompanied a beautiful flower arrangement for Mother’s Day.

Adding candy and other treats is a growing trend in floral gifting. However, if mom is on a strict diet that doesn’t allow indulging in the sweets of confections, you can please her just as much by sending a wonderful selection of fresh fruits or comforting teas. Mother’s Day is creeping up on us much faster then you think. Less then a month away, now is the perfect time to get your floral order into Brant Florist to bring a beautiful smile to your Mother’s face this May 9th.

Featured Friday Flower ~ Springtime in Paris by Teleflora

Springtime in Paris by Teleflora

I’m so excited that Mother’s Day is nearing. I love the wonderful stories of mother’s who were so thrilled about the flowers they received for Mother’s Day. Although great mothers should be celebrated everyday, mothers are probably the most taken advantage person in the world, yet they don’t really complain. So it is a good thing that there is a day out of the year set aside just to honor mothers and all that they do for us. I just wanted to share my thoughts and give a little backdrop of why I chose the flower arrangement Springtime in Paris by Teleflora (pictured above). My mom has never had the opportunity to travel out of the country, like many moms and the Springtime in Paris by Teleflora flower arrangement reminded me of that fact. I may not be able to fly my mom to Paris, but I can afford to give her a small taste of it through this beautiful flower arrangement.

Springtime in Paris by Teleflora
Description: Does someone you love dream in French? Do they hum “Springtime in Paris” in the shower? Then a gift of these romantic Springtime in Paris flowers is sure to make them say ‘ooh-la-la.’ Roses, tulips, carnations and more – in the warmest hues of pink, purple, white and green – create a beautiful all-around bouquet.

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Personalizing your Mother’s Day Bouquet

Country Days
Country Days

Where would we be without our mom’s? Seriously, Mom’s are the most special and wonderful people in the world. No one knows your mom’s personality better then you so when it comes to your mom’s Mothers Day Flowers, they should reflect just that. You can add special touches to your Mother’s Day flower arrangement that will set it apart from everyone else’s and say “This was arranged especially for you mom”.

Garden Terrace Bouquet Arrangement FTD
Garden Terrace Bouquet Arrangement FTD

It is not hard to add touches of your mom’s personality in your Mother’s Day bouquet. By simply incorporating her favorite flowers speaks volumes. Add special touches by choosing favorite colors, maybe she likes the smell of roses better then lavenders, maybe she collects baskets, or prefers glass vases; whatever her personality, there are many ways you can incorporate that into her Mother’s Day bouquet.

Sweet Devotion™ Bouquet
Sweet Devotion™ Bouquet

Think about how various colors make one feel like yellow being joyful, lavenders and purples are calming, sensual, vibrant colors being happy and fun! By just adding small touches can make al the difference in how your flower arrangement is perceived. If your mom enjoys candy, add candy. If she is still a kid at heart, definitely add balloons! Use your mom’s birth month flower in the arrangement or incorporate the birth flowers of all the siblings into your Mother’s Day bouquet for your mom. A little effort goes a long way and your mom will appreciate the thought you put into her special Mother’s Day Bouquet.