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How Kids can Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day.

Spring Garden® Flower Bouquet by FTD
Spring Garden® Flower Bouquet by FTD

Okay, this is for the kids, or the father, aunts, uncles, grandparents, caretakers, or what not of a child looking for ways to surprise their mom this Mother’s Day. A sure fire gift that will always put a sparkle in any moms eyes from their kids is a homemade card expressing their love for mom. Add that card with a bouquet of flowers and you will have mommy wrapped around your little finger. Other top choices moms love is chocolates and candy. However, besides flowers and candy, there are tons of other ways you can surprise mom on Mother’s Day that she will surely love. Here are a few suggestions that will make this Mother’s Day extra special for your mom:

  • Have an adult if you are not old enough to work an oven, help you bake your mom’s favorite cake and have it waiting on the table with a beautiful vase of flowers on the table.
  • Serve mom breakfast in bed with a single rose in a vase. (Have an adult help if you are not old enough to cook, or else mom will be just as happy with a bowl of cereal and a cup of juice.
  • Want to surprise her huge? Lean your room the Saturday before Mother’s Day! Maybe even pick up your toys from other rooms of the house too!
  • Older kids can plan an elegant supper, prepare it, and clean up afterwards. Don’t forget the flowers for the table with a special card reminding her of how special she is to you.
  • Again for older children. How about washing mom’s car? Don’t forget to clean the inside out to. You know, under the seats and what not where the candy wrappers are dropped and toys are left. The younger siblings can even help out.
  • Older kids can offer up their services of a full house cleaning, complete with a flower bouquet to top off all the newfound shine!
  • How about a day at the spa? If there is more than one child in the family, this is a great one for kids of any age (except maybe for the 5 and under group) where you can combine your allowances and give your mom a day of pampering. Don’t get an allowance – how about giving mom a good foot rub or a neck and shoulder massage? You can follow up with running mom a nice warm bath with flowers and candles. If you are not old enough, let dad, mom, or someone else light the candles.
  • Mom’s love gifts from the heart so you are always safe making your mom something special for Mother’s Day no matter what your age is.
  • For those of you who have grown, moved away from home, or are in the service, make sure you call mom on Mother’s Day. If you are unable to call, write her a handwritten letter with your heart felt feelings about why she is so special to you and how you wish you were there to help celebrate such a wonderful day in both of you alls life. Sending flowers can express many of your feelings and is a great way to acknowledge your mom on Mother’s Day, but your words to compliment those flowers will mean more to your mother than anything else will in the world.

Do you have any great suggestions for children to surprise mom on Mother’s Day? If so, feel free to share them here.

What’s your Favorite Mother’s Day Memory

Purple Passion
Purple Passion

Everyone has a special Mother’s Day memory, especially moms! But that doesn’t mean others don’t share a fond memory of a Mother’s Day moment in their life.

You can be childless yourself but have a fond Mother’s Day memory. Face it, we all have a mom, or someone that fills the roll of mom as if they gave birth to you themselves. I think that is what makes celebrations such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents’ Day so special. The special person in your life does not need to be of blood, but of heart, and isn’t that what memories are made of? We at BrantFlorist.com would love to hear your special memories of Mother’s Day, may is be something silly that happened, something heart tendering, something heart wrenching, or what not. Share it with us and others. Mother’s Day is not much more then two weeks away. Maybe your memory will give another a great idea to incorporate into their Mother’s Day celebration this year.

Mother’s Day Flowers

Teatime Bouquet Teleflora

Today I have to share with you these adorable unique flower arrangements available at Brant Florist for your Mother, or actually, any female in your life for about any occasion be it a birthday, house warming, or a just because gift of flowers – the best reason of all if you ask me.

These clever floral arrangements creatively incorporated items from the kitchen and items one would use in garden tea party making the most adorable gifts.  Look at these terrific flower arrangements!  You can’t help fall in love with them!

Teleflora Teatime Bouquet

Teleflora Teatime Bouquet

 Prettier than a picture, this lovely floral gift offers purple flowers and other richly-hued favorites in a stunning lavender ceramic teacup with matching saucer. Add gold trim and you have an elegant gift for Mom, grandmom and more.

Mom to Tea by Teleflora

Mom to Tea by Teleflora

This time the teacup is filled with pink roses.

Sweet Daisy Colander Deluxe Teleflora

 Sweet Daisy Colander Deluxe Teleflora

Bring a touch of style to Mom’s kitchen, the busiest room in the house, with fresh flowers in a daisy-decorated ceramic colander. In addition to being pretty, this charming keepsake is also practical. Mom will adore it

Walking on Sunshine by Teleflora

Walking on Sunshine by Teleflora

The charming, vintage-inspired pitcher is made of bottle-green glass, a staple on tables years ago. Now it’s back, just in time for Mother’s Day. Filled with cheerful blooms, it’s a pretty, practical gift that Mom will cherish.
Walking on Sunshine is a unique design including roses.

Candy for Mother’s Day

One Pound Of Delicious Chocolates

A nice touch to any flower bouquet is a nice selection of gourmet candy and the perfect all time love – chocolate. Most women love chocolate at least occasionally, and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat oneself to candy. Because of that, Mom’s around the world take pleasure in indulging in a piece of candy here in there, especially when it accompanied a beautiful flower arrangement for Mother’s Day.

Adding candy and other treats is a growing trend in floral gifting. However, if mom is on a strict diet that doesn’t allow indulging in the sweets of confections, you can please her just as much by sending a wonderful selection of fresh fruits or comforting teas. Mother’s Day is creeping up on us much faster then you think. Less then a month away, now is the perfect time to get your floral order into Brant Florist to bring a beautiful smile to your Mother’s face this May 9th.

Featured Friday Flower ~ Springtime in Paris by Teleflora

Springtime in Paris by Teleflora

I’m so excited that Mother’s Day is nearing. I love the wonderful stories of mother’s who were so thrilled about the flowers they received for Mother’s Day. Although great mothers should be celebrated everyday, mothers are probably the most taken advantage person in the world, yet they don’t really complain. So it is a good thing that there is a day out of the year set aside just to honor mothers and all that they do for us. I just wanted to share my thoughts and give a little backdrop of why I chose the flower arrangement Springtime in Paris by Teleflora (pictured above). My mom has never had the opportunity to travel out of the country, like many moms and the Springtime in Paris by Teleflora flower arrangement reminded me of that fact. I may not be able to fly my mom to Paris, but I can afford to give her a small taste of it through this beautiful flower arrangement.

Springtime in Paris by Teleflora
Description: Does someone you love dream in French? Do they hum “Springtime in Paris” in the shower? Then a gift of these romantic Springtime in Paris flowers is sure to make them say ‘ooh-la-la.’ Roses, tulips, carnations and more – in the warmest hues of pink, purple, white and green – create a beautiful all-around bouquet.

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