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Easter Lily

The Easter LilyEaster Lily

Each year, on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox, people gather together and share a meal. This Easter Sunday feast has been a tradition for thousands of years and apparently dates back to Roman and Greek times.

Along with the giving of painted eggs, hot-cross-buns and other sweet treats, flowers feature predominantly in celebrations. The flower most closely identified with Easter is the pure white Easter Lily.

Called Lilium longiflorum – more commonly known in North America as the Easter Lily – this plant is actually native to Japan and bears trumpet shaped, white, fragrant flowers. This particular lily has irregular blooming periods in nature and has thus allowed it to be cultivated and encouraged to flower at certain times – namely Easter. For many, the beautiful shape and aroma of these pure white flowers symbolizes innocence, purity and life – the spiritual essence of Easter. Continue reading