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Christmas Flower Meanings that make for a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Holiday Garden™ Basket

There is always so much joy in the air around the Christmas holiday time; it is too bad that it doesn’t flow throughout the year for everyone. I particularly love the spirit of Christmas, the colors, the decorations, and the vibrancy it brings out in people. Maybe it is part of the reason I love flowers so much, because each and every flower has a way to bring out that same feeling, even when it isn’t the Christmas season.

Flowers are packed full of meaning, history, and even ancient legends of love. However, what about those beautiful accents used in Christmas floral arrangements such as myrtle, holly, Mistletoe, fir, pine and moss? Not only do they add the perfect accents to holiday arrangements, they also carry their own special meanings that add to the spirit of Christmas floral arrangements.

Let’s take a look at a few of those wonderful foliage that give the perfect touch to these gorgeous Christmas flower arrangements.

Holly is one of the leading accents in Christmas floral arrangement. Holly holds the floral meaning of domestic happiness. The meaning itself – domestic happiness – is a big part of what the holiday is all about so it couldn’t be more perfect. The secondary meaning of Holly is defense or protection. With the two meanings, with Holly in a Christmas flower arrangement, it is wishing the recipient a safe and happy home/life.

Mistletoe without doubt plays a fun roll in the holiday festivities. Who doesn’t love to sneak a little kiss in under the mistletoe with their favorite person? Mistletoe brings to Christmas love, from new blooming love to long lasting love. It fits perfectly in with the season meaning.

Myrtle is such universal foliage during this season that emits the meaning of love and unity. For the Jewish, Myrtle is a Hebrew emblem of marriage. With Myrtle in your holiday flower arrangements, you are gifting love, luck, as well as holiday cheer.

Firs used to accent Christmas flower arrangements emit the feelings of strength and durability to life’s challenges. In nature, firs are strong and can withstand most of what the world can throw their way. In Christmas flower arrangements, they give those deep luscious greens, a great fragrance, and delivery the meaning of undeniable strength.

Brant Florist is happy to help you create the perfect meaning you are wanting to express this holiday season in beautiful flower arrangements, bouquets and even gift baskets. Give the best gift this year in one that is full of meaning expressed like none other then flowers and their foliage.

Christmas Flowers and Greenery

Hurricane Centerpiece

When you think of winter, generally the first thing good you think about is the holidays. After all, it does help those that don’t favor the wintery winds manage to get through it a tad easier. However, when you think about the holidays, you can’t help not think about Christmas Flowers and Greenery. The first thought of many is their Christmas tree, and so starts the decoration to set off your holidays perfectly.

The fresh pine scent of the evergreen Christmas tree is just the beginning the wonderful aromas that begin to fill your home during the holidays. Of course, you cannot have a Christmas tree without the Christmas greenery – wreaths, swags and more, to accent the beauty you have already started to create. They add more of the holiday spirit to your home.

Mantles, tables, and just about anywhere you can think of are accented beautifully with poinsettias. What is Christmas without a poinsettia or two, or three or more for that matter? While waiting for the time to place gifts under the Christmas tree, poinsettias look extravagant encompassing the tree skirt.

Since the 17th century, it has been customary to have mistletoe adorning doorways. It’s a great way to get that Christmas kiss! Holly has been around even longer and gives Christmas that holly jolly feel.

Christmas table centerpieces can add just that perfect finishing touch. Christmas just wouldn’t have the same feel if not for Christmas greenery and flowers.

Flowers for Home and Office

Be Happy Smile Mug

Flowers can make any occasion just that much more beautiful and special but they can also add an extra added beauty to your daily living as well. A beautiful flower arrangement can decorate any room of your home or office. They can uplift a mood by just looking at them as well as their aroma.

Yellow flowers such as sunflowers, daisies, gerberas, etc. can add sunshine to any room and a sense of joy. Warm hued flowers with a deep fragrance are perfect for any bedroom. Lavender is also a great floral arrangement for a bedroom as well for its natural relaxation fragrant qualities.

Dinning rooms and office spaces are probably the most fun to decorate with flower centerpieces. Anything can go. You can set an entirely new theme each time you accent with flower arrangements. A dinning table flower centerpiece can vary from a touch of romance to a simple family dinner display. A table flower centerpiece can easily accent every holiday. And the best part of it is, it is fun!

Give the Perfect Hanukkah Flower Arrangement

Festival of Lights Hanukkah Centerpiece
Flowers make for a wonderful gift no matter the season or reason. Their aroma and colors fill any space with such beauty and warmth. For your friends, family, or co-workers who celebrate Hanukkah rather than Christmas there are many brightly colored flowers that embrace this holiday beautifully. The most common colors used in Hanukkah arrangements are blue and white, somewhat symbolic to the theme of the Festival of Lights but you are not limited to just these two colors. There is no real right or wrong color to incorporate in a Hanukkah flower arrangement.

Hanukkah starts this year on December 11th so you want to get your order in soon if not now. Set your budget and when ordering your flowers online with Brant Florist consider in your shipping cost into your budget as well. Choose the color theme you want in your Hanukkah arrangement – traditional blue and white – or make it more personal reflecting the recipients personality or favorite flowers. When selecting the flowers for your floral Hanukkah flower arrangement, make sure the flowers picked will last for at least 7 days and longer if possible. Hanukkah spans for eight days so it is nice when the flower arrangements last the duration or longer. Gifts of white poinsettias are also a great option as they have a very long life span.

If the flower arrangement can support a candle, specialize your order and have one added.

Here are some arrangements, not all specific to Hanukkah, however still make great gifts for that special person who celebrate Hanukkah or to get you started on creating your own personalized Hanukkah flower arrangement with Brant Florist.

Festival of Lights Hanukkah Centerpiece

Beautiful Bounty

Perfect Flower Arrangement

Oh Holy Night Centerpiece

All White Flowers Gift Wrapped

Winter Garden Taper Candle Centerpiece

Holiday Glow Centerpiece

Holiday Gatherings ~ The Holiday Floral Centerpiece

December brings on many gatherings, from office parties to family and friends.  A great way to make those occasions extra special is to make sure your table is set with great care that draws the masses together.  You can do this with a holiday floral centerpiece that will not only draw your group together but also bring on many awes of admiration. 

Holiday floral centerpieces are a great way to express who you are as a person or set a mood for a room.  During the Christmas season of holiday gatherings the lights are shining, homes are decorated in bright colorful decorations, reds, greens, silver and gold all shine and sparkle about.  It isn’t hard to meet and even surpass that entire splendor with beautiful holiday floral centerpieces.  They have there own special shine and with the added fragrance in the air, no amount of glitter can beat that. 

 Holiday floral centerpieces like the Celebration of the Season Centerpiece pictured above brings grandeur to your table.  The deep red roses and spray roses set the holiday scene with the earthy backdrop of assorted holiday greens and holly.  The candles bring warmth and the gold pinecones and metallic brocade ribbon sets the final touches to this enchanting holiday centerpiece.  

Probably the greatest part of holiday floral centerpieces is that you are not limited to just what you see in the picture.  You can add your own vision of your holiday décor or just add a flare of your personality.  Maybe you prefer red carnations to roses or just want red carnations added due to the longlivity or the shade of red they present.  All you have to do is relay your vision to your florist an allow them to bring your vision to life.