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Design Your Own Arrangement

Design Your Own Arrangement

Positive customer feedback: “I wanted to pass on how pleased I am with your service. I wanted to send a formal arrangement for a funeral and I had to place my order online.  I had a specific idea of what I wanted and I couldn’t find what I was looking for on any of the popular florist websites, so I Googled “Design your own arrangement” and your website came up. I specified exactly what I wanted, named my price, and the arrangement that was delivered to the funeral home was perfect, exactly what I had in mind. Thank you!”

The above feedback message was received today from a customer who was intelligent enough to Google exactly what she wanted and she was able to accomplish exactly that.  Why are most folks satisfied with clicking on EO-6022images created to sell them on a design? Do they not know that all flower arrangements are created by hand by a floral designer using flowers and other materials on hand at the time the order is being made? Do they think someone pushes a button on a machine and it manufactures an exact duplicate of the image they clicked on?  Do they think that every flower shop has in stock every flower variety and every color shown in the millions of images on the web?  Are they that naive?  Where is the common sense? Continue reading

Sending Flowers to a Funeral is so Important

Funeral Home FlowersWhy sending flowers to a funeral is so important

I was at a funeral once, when the pastor delivering the service told the following story.

There were quite a few flowers at the front of the chapel and he began by saying that flowers were a reminder of the person whose life we were celebrating. He said flowers follow the life cycle of a human and that we were fortunate to have so many beautiful flowers to admire.

Both start with a seed and both required lots of attention during the early phase of their life. Next comes a maturing time as each develops into adulthood.  The plant moves into the flowering stage as the ultimate show for survival just as humans do from about the age of 25 to perhaps 50.  Both shine during this period and everybody admires their talent, their beauty and their contribution to our lives. During this time, both set the foundation for survival of the species. The plant initiates the beginning of seeds via the flowers and humans raise children. Then, both move into the final phase of their life………wilting and withering in old age until the end comes. Continue reading