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Creating your Holiday Dream Decor with Christmas Wreaths and Flowers

Golden Evergreen Wreath

The great thing about holiday decorating is the options are unlimited and you can be as creative or crazy as you want! You have the power, you have the control. I guess that goes with all decorating in your home or your office. One of the greatest things about Brant Florist is they allow you to add your creative thoughts to any holiday arrangement or wreath you order. Pick and choose your flower choice, pick and choose your colors to match your holiday decorations, and add accents to give your holiday decorations you personal style. You can add ribbons and other non-floral accessories to any arrangement or item purchased from the Brant Florist website.

If you want to add your own special touches, Brant Florist will work with you to create the perfect arrangements to accent those touched expertly. Say you want a Holiday wreath but your theme is snowmen – traditional whites and blues for your Holiday décor. Brant Florist can add the flowers, bows or whatever other accessories to help accent your wreath. Let them know that you have a snowman of your own you want to add into the wreath once delivered and tell them where you are thinking about placing it, and they will work with you to make sure the area you want to add it is free so once placed the look is complete and perfect!

Have fun ordering and creating with Brant Florist and have the holiday décor of your dreams!

Flowers as Holiday Decorations

Blue Horizons

The one magical thing about the holiday season is all the brightly colored holiday decorations from ornaments on the trees and beautiful wreaths and so many various holiday themes. Flowers make another the perfect accent to any holiday theme!

No matter what your color them is in your holiday décor, there are flowers that can accent it perfectly. One year my holiday theme was the Dallas Cowboys. The tree was decked in deep blues and silver with a Dallas Cowboys helmet for the topper. It was easy to find flowers that accented my dinning room table and mantle perfectly, bring the theme easily throughout our entire home including the vase of flowers in the guest bathroom.

No matter how extreme or how traditional your holiday theme is, there are the perfect flower combination to bring that them alive and throughout your entire home.

Christmas Flower Arrangement

Silver Tidings FTD

Flowers make an excellent choice for Christmas gifts. They always bring joy and smiles and isn’t that what one wants in a gift? With BrantFlorist.com, you can be assured that every arrangement will be fresh when delivered and just as beautiful as you can imagine. From the gorgeous red poinsettias, the Casa Blanca lilies, and the luscious Christmas greens and every flower and accent in between, flowers are a gift like no other. They are pure love and are cherished by all.

The sweet thing about Christmas flowers is that you can get as sentimental as you want, from selecting the recipients favorite flowers, colors, or even special accents making each gift of flowers unique in its own. You don’t have to gift what is considered traditional Christmas flowers, you can mix them up, and create to your desire at Brant Florist making the perfect arrangement for your Christmas gift recipient.

Christmas arrangements can range from a table centerpiece with candles and flowers to a Christmas arrangement with glitzy ornaments and flowers. You can find arrangements with candy canes and Santa Claus, ribbons and bows, chocolate or even cookies. Best of all, giving flowers during the Christmas holidays can totally eliminate the brain freezes common when trying to shop for those less then easy to shop for.

Kwanzaa Flowers

Royal Christmas Centerpiece

Kwanzaa is an African American inspired celebration that embraces African Americans values and traditions of African families. It is a week long celebration that honors the African heritage and culture. Kwanzaa starts on December 26th and goes until January 1st.

Created by Maulana Kerenga, Kwanzaa began back in 1966. Karenga’s goal was to give Blacks an alternative to the existing holiday with an opportunity to celebrate their history and cultures.

Kwanzaa celebrates what Kerenga called the 7 principals of Kwanzaa:
• Unity
• Self-Determination
• Collective Work and Responsibility
• Cooperative Economics
• Purpose
• Creativity
• Faith
Part of the celebration is gathering as families and friends at various homes, partaking in great food and conversation. Often times, everyone brings a dish or gift for the host. Flowers are always a welcomed gift.

If you have friends or family that celebrate Kwanzaa, sending a gift of a colorful arrangement of flowers is a great way to show your friends or loved ones just how valued you consider them.

Great Reasons to Send Flowers in December

Norman Rockwell Centerpiece by FTD

Although you never need a reason to send flowers, special dates and events like birthdays, anniversaries, new born baby, get well, deaths, new home, thinking of you, holidays, and romancing are more of the most common reasons people send flowers.

Here are some more popular dates in December to send flowers, so make sure to mark your calendars.

December 10: Human Rights Day (Friday)
December 12: National Poinsettia Day! (Sunday)
December 21: Winter Solstice (Tuesday)
December 24: Christmas Eve (Friday) & National Egg Nog Day
December 25: Christmas Day (Saturday) & National Pumpkin Pie Day
December 26: Boxing Day (Sunday) &; Kwanzaa Begins
December 31: New Year’s Eve (Friday)