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Send Your Man Flowers

Softly Summer™ Basket

What are you thinking or feeling when you see a delivery person delivering flowers. Do you get excited in anticipation that they might be for you or envy whoever the recipient may be? Surprisingly, this is not abnormal for a man or a woman to feel. Who doesn’t like getting surprised with a gift from someone, feeling appreciated and thought of or loved? Everyone does – it is what makes us human. The enjoyment of receiving gifts is not simply a female thing – everyone loves a surprise gift.

BrantFlorist.com does not just cater to men ordering flowers for delivery to women; rather they get just as much business or women ordering delivery to men. As time passes, more and more women are stepping up to the plate and romancing their men as much as the expect their men to romance them. And what do you think these smart women are finding out? They have found out that by returning the love through affectionate surprise tokens of their love through flower and gift basket deliveries, they are receiving the romance back ten fold over.

There are many flower arrangements that can be done with a masculine feel that any man would appreciate receiving and safe bets are always any planted basket or gourmet candy, fruit, or coffee/tea baskets. But don’t be fooled for a minute in thinking a man wouldn’t secretly love getting a dozen roses. After all, they too love feeling loved.

Valentines Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers

      Valentines Day is celebrated on Feb 14 and it has become the day for lovers to express their love for each other.  Flowers have become the number one gift as well as cards, chocolates and candy.  Most would think flowers are the major expression of love and admiration not only for Feb 14th but at many other times during the year. Valentine’s Day Flowers are very popular and mean so much  to the person receiving the flowers. Both men and women love to receive flowers at Valentines. Continue reading