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Young Love ~ He Loves me, He loves me Not.. How to tell with Flowers

3 Rose Bud Vase

Oh, we have all been there – wondering of a certain male likes us the same way we like them. Just as hard as it is for men to figure out women, the same goes for women figuring out men… no matter what the age.

Here is a sure fire way to find out just how that guy you have been eying feels about you – send him flowers!

Yes, you read that right… send a man flowers. His reaction will give you all the answers you need! And the best thing about sending flowers to a male interest is that even if he wasn’t totally into you yet – the gift of flowers could very well be the thing that turns his attention directly on you!

Flowers are fun and they can express whatever you want them to express, but one thing they will always show is you thought of the person and cared enough to express that thought by sending flowers.

If you just want to get a guys attention, flowers are a great ice breaker! Use the power of flowers to flirt and read just what your interest desires are. You cannot ever go wrong sending flowers!

Flowers for your Man

Flowers in a Mug for Him

Hey ladies, guys like flowers too. They may not admit it and when asked tell you that is a girl thing, but in reality, they too like to receive flowers. It is a great way to make them feel extra special! The trick in having flowers delivered to the man in your life is choosing the right flower arrangement that will not bring them too much ribbing from others. Even though they say pink is in for men, I wouldn’t suggest sending pink flowers to a manly man ever! They will never live it down. So when you are picking out the perfect flower arrangement for that special man, be considerate and go with more natural earthy tones in your selection.

Oranges, deep burgundies, and deep reds are always safe accented with yellows, whites, and green. You can even get by with some peach accents in these type of arrangements.

Blues are another great and safe flower combo for men or solids of dark reds. Stay away from frilly looking arrangements and go for ones that make a bolder statement without the feminine accents. Broad petals rather than dainty, and deeper richer colors rather than pastels are always good rules of thumb to follow.

This will save him from any backlash from fellow co-workers and be well received when delivered, bringing you, of course, the rewards when you see him again. Use a large card rather than a daintier small one, and if you accent with balloon, make sure they are just as manly looking as the flower arrangement. If you are unsure of just what to have put together, no worries, Brant Florist has many great flower arrangements that are perfect for gifting to men that will bring a smile to their face and heart.

Men Enjoy Floral Gifts Too

Many times when picking out a gift for a male friend or loved one, people will shy away from flowers. It is worth noting that many men enjoy floral gifts as much as a female. Flowers are available on our website that are suitable for gifting to a male. A darker color orchid is one available choice. Although the man you care about may be hesitant to admit that he would like flowers, don’t let that deter you from making him smile with a surprise arrangement. He may downplay his enjoyment to the boys, but will get a real kick out of the thoughtful present.