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Grandparents Day Deserves Acknowledgment

Purple Chrysanthemum

With Grandparents’ Day being this Sunday, if you haven’t got your flower order in for delivery, it is better to be late than not send any at all. It is our ancestry that creates us, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. And like each individual flower holds a special beauty of its own, so does every person. Your Grandparents are a huge part of who you are and for that alone, their presence should be acknowledged on this special day.

There are so many great floral arrangements, flowering baskets, green plants, gift baskets and more that can show your Grandparents just how much you do care for them and that you are proud to call them your Grandparents. It is when we let these special times slip past us that we begin to have regrets when they are no longer around for us to cherish. Don’t let this time slip past you.

Many choose not to send floral arrangements on Grandparents’ Day and opt more on the flowering plants or green plants especially for those who are living their golden years in nursing homes. Flowering plants and green plants are a living reminder to them of your love and give them a topic of discussion when anyone visits. It gives them great pride to say whom they received the plants from as well as it gives them something they can tend and care for.

The Purple Chrysanthemum is just one of the great flowering plants you can have sent to your Grandparents to express your love and appreciation. With its large, showy flowers, it is one of the hardiest and popular plants you can send.

Don’t miss and opportunity to let your Grandparents know just how much you really do care for them and appreciate them this Grandparents Day.

Flowering Plants are Uplifting

Deluxe European Garden Basket

When thinking about all the ups and downs in life, it is easy to pick a flower that can embrace those moods and even aide in uplifting them, be it a single red rose or a floral arrangement of brightly colored various flowers. That is the beauty of flowers; no matter what the occasion or the feeling, there is a flower that can compliment or even change a moment. When that flower is embraced in a bed of living greenery, it makes the impact of the gift tenfold better.

Plants have long been known to improve peoples general over all moods and can even help in creating intimate connections when gifted. When gifting plants that bloom beautiful flowers, you only increase these already favorable outcomes. Even the color of the bloom can enhance that further with red bringing on passion, orange bringing about a sense of renewal and calmness, yellow, a brighten lifted spirit, blue – peace and tranquility, and purples bringing on a sense of honest and richness. When flowers accent the already rich greenery of plants, it just increases the intensity of the wonderful benefits it creates. When you are looking to help lift the mood of one in the downs’ of life or celebrate the ups’, send a gift of a flowering plant and create a uplifting atmosphere for that special person in your life.

Green to Bring In Spring!

With every passing day, we are getting closer to spring. Yes, on some days it is that thought alone that keeps me going. Another thing that keeps me going on these long cold winter days is having my home adorned with beautiful greenery. Green plants bring life into my otherwise dreary winter nest.

When you think you cannot possible take another day of gray skies, let Brant Florist bring some green into your day. A green plant in a colorful pot can bring new life to any room and definitely to your life. Add color to it and get a flowering plant, but either way, your living environment will have a new vitality to it. Why live in the gray when there are so many beautiful green plants and flowering plants that can turn your gray skies into blue? Here are just a few suggestions to get you started in adding a new life to your winter nest.

White Garden Planter

White Garden Planter

Traditional European Garden Basket

Traditional European Garden Basket

Lavender Chrysanthemum

Lavender Chrysanthemum



Do Flowers in the Workplace Improve Productivity?

Yellow Hope Chrysanthemum

Do flowers improve ones mood? Yes, they do! So why wouldn’t they improve productivity? If an improved mood makes for a happier person, and a happier person is more productive, then it goes without saying that flowers can improve productivity in the workplace.

There was an actual study done just on this by some researchers at Texas A&M University called the Impact of Flowers and Plants on Workplace Productivity. During an eight month span, 101 participants were placed in controlled atmospheres (3 separate styles – one with fresh flowers and plants, one with abstract sculptures, and one with no décor at all) similar to a work office space and were required to perform a series of office tasks. During their time, the participants rated their mood at four separate intervals, executed two creativity tasks, and completed one intentional demand test.

Researchers measured the number of ideas participants generated, their ideas’ originality and flexibility, and other responses, using data extracted from the tests, which included Torrance Tests of the Creative Thinking and Profile of Mood States. Results showed higher productivity as well as creativity for those employees in designated workspaces decorated with fresh flowers and plants with second place – abstract art.

So when productivity starts to drop in your office, consider bringing it back to life with some fresh flowers or plants. Or if you work in an office, improve your mood and decorate your space with some fresh flowers or a plant.

Christmas Corporate Gifts

Christmas Garden basket
It is that time of year again to show your appreciation to everyone in the office that has made it possible for your business to succeed. All their hard work and dedication definitely should not be overlooked this holiday season. You can show your employees your gratitude by giving them the perfect Christmas Corporate Gift.

Brant Florist offers a wide array of Christmas Corporate Gifts from flower arrangements, fruit gift baskets, flowering plants, and green plants, and much more. The Christmas themed gift baskets and arrangements offered vary from whimsical with candy canes to elegant with deep rich colors. There is the perfect match for anyone in or out of your office.

Christmas Corporate Gifts are also a great way to show your appreciation to long standing clients that have showed their devotion through their years of support, service, or customer dedication. Often times during the holiday season, background support people for businesses are overlooked. Support such as carriers, delivery services, and even your mailperson. These types of services also make an impact on the success of your business and the holidays are a great chance to extend your appreciation to them as well. By extending your sentiments especially during the holiday season, and throughout the year even, will help solidify those important connections that makes your business thrive. Brant Florist is happy to help you choose the perfect gift for all those individuals tat make an positive impact in your corporate world with Christmas Corporate Gifts in all price ranges.