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Order Flowers Online – Extra Service Fees

Here is an office flower order gatherer/broker that normally charges a service fee of  $13.99.  For 3 days, they will not charge that and they call it a free service fee. Whoopee!

Why does the public consent to pay this service fee?  Why do they think it is worth $13.99 to order flowers via an office web site that has no flowers, no designers, and no delivery vehicles?  A web site and call center that passes every order to a REAL local florist to actually hand create the design and then deliver it. And they also retain about 30% of the dollars on the order!!  

Why does the public support this scam?  A recent post stated that another similar company had 60 million email addresses on file. Yet they have no flowers, no gifts, no creative staff, and no delivery vans. They simply collect or gather orders via their office web site and call centers to pass on to third party REAL florists who actually fill the order! Their service charge is usually $14.95.  In addition, they also retain about 30% of the order value.

On a typical $50 order, that 30% amounts to $15…….leaving $35 for the REAL florist to make and deliver the order.  With their service fees of $14 or $15, the office order gatherer/broker pockets about $30.

Let’s see…………the florist gets $35 and the office web site gets $30!!   Not hard to do the math. But isthere not something seriously wrong with that?

The public has never figured it out………….they think flowers are expensive. No wonder!! Does the public think these office web sites deserve $30 to find a REAL florist to fill the order?  They seem to……..the 3 biggest order gathering office web sites sucked in well over 15 million orders last year.

That amounts to over $45 million dollars customers wasted on office order gatherers.  Did they get any extra value for all that money?  No, all they can do is brag I ordered a big brand name and paid them lots of money I really did not have to put in their pockets.

The solution?   So simple So easy ……………just Goggle Search “Florist City State”  Place your order directly with the REAL florist who will fill your order anyways! Try that and see which route gives you more flowers and more value for your hard earned dollars.