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Featured Flower Friday ~ Tropical Reflections Flower Arrangement

Tropical Reflections Flower Arrangement

Today is July 23, the 204th day of the year (205th in leap years) leaving just a mere 161 days left until the end of the year. It doesn’t seem like that much time has past since 2010 was brought in. With well over half of the year gone by, it is a good time to reflect on just how many people’s lives you have touched in a positive manner. After all, it is how people related to one another that makes the world a little more pleasant.

A great way of letting anyone in your life feel good is by sending a gift of flowers. Not only will you be able to reflect back on knowing you made someone smile for no reason other than just because you cared to make their day a little more special, that receiver can reflect back on the gift with joy and fond thoughts.

Any flower arrangement can deliver those feelings and reflections such as the Tropical Reflections Flower Arrangement. The Tropical Reflections Flower Arrangement is a striking basket of tropical flowers that can easily reflect your warmest thoughts to all. Visit BrantFlorist and find the perfect flower arrangement to send someone in your life today for no other reason but just to bring a smile to someone’s day.

Featured Flower Friday ~ Heat Wave Flower Vase

Heat Wave Flower Vase

Can anyone guess why I picked this particular flower arrangement today? If you guessed due to the heat, you would be spot on correct! The Heat Wave Flower Vase is a great representation of heat. It has all the brilliant colors of summer blossoms, will definitely warm a person’s heart, and reminds me of the hues in a evening summer sunset.

This beautiful mix of jewel toned shades and lovely textures make this gift perfect for truly any occasion. The flower vase is bursting with hot pink gerberas and Matsumoto Asters arranged with yellow chrysanthemums and spray roses and accented perfectly with a orange satin ribbon.

Of course this flower arrangement won’t do anything to bring down the heat of the great mighty sun, but it could definitely cool a cranky person on a hot summer day!

Featured Flower Friday ~ Polka Dots and Posie by Teleflora

Polka Dots and Posie by Teleflora

On the Brant Florist Facebook FanPage, one of our fans left this beautiful statement about flowers. Cathy, you could not have expressed the wonders, beauty, and feelings of flowers better! It was so well stated that I felt it was perfect for the Featured Flower Friday Blog, so without further ado, here is Cathy’s thoughts on flowers:

“Flowers are nature’s gentle whisper telling us our world is filled with love, beauty and joy. They please our senses bringing color to our world, sweet fragrance to our noses and filling our souls with emotions that span the galaxies… from the dandelion picked by a child and given with love to the first dance corsage, the wedding bouquet, the birthday gift, the funeral spray…flowers fill our world and make it complete.”

Polka Dots and Posie by Teleflora
For a treat that can’t be beat, this cheery blend of white daisies and pink roses in a glass cube vase, accented with a pink polka-dot ribbon, is like a gift of pure joy! An adorable gift, for a birthday, a surprise or the perfect way to celebrate so many things.

Featured Flower Friday ~ BAMBOO SUNSHINE


I love featured Friday Flower blog because I get to choose from all of the wonderful flower arrangements the one that catches my eye the most at the moment. It is kind of like sending myself flowers every Friday and sharing them with you all. Today I chose the Bamboo Sunshine for one huge reason – we have had nothing but rain for the past few weeks and I was hoping that by choosing the Bamboo Sunshine arrangement it would bring me a little good luck. (I’ll let you know how it worked next week 😉

The Bamboo Sunshine Arrangement displays three sunny orange gerbera flowers delivered in a stylish contemporary cube vase made of real bamboo or clear glass. The florist uses a glass cube if the bamboo is not available. Should orange gerbera not be available, the florist will use the next best color, but you can rest assured it will be the best of the lot and look fantastic! So here is praying that a little Bamboo Sunshine brings tons of sunny sunrays my way and yours too! Have a great weekend!

Featured Friday Flower ~ Raspberry Patch Arrangement

Raspberry Patch Arrangement

Although the lilac season has past, the Raspberry Patch Arrangement caught my eye and I had to share it. I adore lilacs and love the smell of them. It is one of the first blooms of a new flowering season. I seen recently where they have genetically created a lilac bush that re-blooms throughout the spring and summer season – something I am seriously considering getting for my yard. When you browse the BrantFlorist website, while looking at all the flowers, do any catch your eye, make you reminisce, dream, have fond thoughts? The Raspberry Patch Arrangement brings all the touches of Spring in one flower arrangement with its pastel pink tulips, combined with lovely and fragrant lavender lilacs. It is breath taking and the perfect flower arrangement to send to anyone who savors that first glorious glimpse of blossoms in the garden