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Featured Flower Friday ~ Trail Treasures Autumn Bouquet

Trail Treasures Autumn Bouquet

As I sit here drinking my morning coffee, my mind drifted back to the simpler times in life – times before all this modern technology – times when things like picking fresh flowers and walking across the way to a neighbor just to say hello and brighten their day was a normal thing. Granted, I love the fact I can send flowers any where in the world now with just a few clicks on the computer, but I can’t help thinking about how much things have changed, right down to this cup of joe brewed in my Bunn Coffee maker in a matter of a few minutes.

Although many things have changed from technology to even flower delivery, one thing hasn’t changed. The sentiments a fresh bouquet of flowers can deliver. For that I am thankful. Some things are just too precious to lose. Fresh cut flowers is a great way to bring back a bit of those simpler times and sentiment. Receiving a gift of fresh cut flowers allows the receiver to enjoy the time of placing them in a vase while adoring each and every flower on its own, and then again as a whole after all arranged to their liking in a glass vase. Bring back a bit of the simpler times without losing the sentiments with a gift of fresh cut flowers delivered.

Featured Flower Friday ~ Sweet Surprise Flowers

Sweet Surprise Flowers

Every body loves to get surprises. It’s not so much of a surprise if you receive flowers on your birthday or anniversary, but what is a sweet surprise is receiving a gift of flowers on just any old random day. It is those surprise one doesn’t forget and mean more than anything.

You can surprise anyone special in your life any day of the week with a delivery from Brant Florist like with the Sweet Surprise flower arrangement. With its pretty hot pink roses, pink mini carnations, and white daisy pompons it delivers the pop in a surprise along with the sweet sentiment that someone cared enough to have flowers delivered. Sweetly arranged in a clear vase accented with a pink ribbon, this Sweet Surprise flower arrangement will be received graciously and happily from any recipient.

Featured Flower Friday ~ Love in Blooms Flower Bouquet

Love in Blooms Flower Bouquet

When you think of love, have you ever thought of sending flowers to a young couple that has recently announced their love to one another? Young love is great. It is exhilarating and it makes one feel like there is nothing in the world they cannot conquer. It is beautiful and full of promise. A person in love wants to celebrate it daily and shout it out across the world the love they are feeling. They want everyone to know just how great they are feeling. It is easy to acknowledge their happiness with a beautiful flower arrangement like the Love in Bloom Flower Bouquet. It is great to be in love, and great to be able to share that feeling with everyone, and it is even greater when you know others are happy for you. The recipient of the Love in Bloom Flower Bouquet will feel so special receiving this beautiful arrangement knowing that others are sharing in their joy. Love flowers do not need to be sent just to a lover, send them to someone just because they are in love too.

Featured Flower Friday ~ Roses and Teddy Bear

Roses and Teddy Bear

Stuffed teddy bears are charming on their own, but add a beautiful bunch of flowers with an adorable teddy bear can really charm the heart of anyone. Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a child? If you did, you know the sentiment it filled you with. Sending a gift of flowers with an adorable and charming teddy bear to that special someone in your life will fill them with that same eternally lasting sentiment. The Roses and Teddy Bear flower gift combination is a perfect way to show that special someone in your life that you want to give them the comfort of a teddy bear and fill their life with beauty such as flowers do. Visit Brant Florist and send the Roses and Teddy Bear flower gift combination to that special someone in your life and reap the benefits of their sentiments.

Featured Flower Friday ~ Have A Great Day

Have A Great Day

Flowers are a great gift to send for no reason whatsoever other than to just show you care. When you have loved ones living abroad, the gift of flowers can help close that gap and Brant Florist can make sure those flowers reach your loved one in the best of scare. Distance shouldn’t be a hindrance in sending your love and Brant Florist helps make gifting flowers simple, no matter how many miles lie between your loved one and you.

The Have A Great Day flower arrangement is a great flower arrangement to send a love one abroad just to let them know you are thinking of them, and give them a great start to their day even week. Each time the recipient looks at the flowers, they will be reminded of the love they have in their life even thousands of miles away. When you have a loved one abroad let Brant Florist bridge those miles in your florist and flower delivery needs.