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Flowers can bring you home

For All You Do Flowers

If your roots are that of a country setting, raised on a farm or in country surroundings, when you move to a big city it is not surprising to miss the simple things of life that came from a country upbringing. One of the biggest things I missed when I first moved to the city when I was younger was my mom’s beautiful flower gardens. She had many filled with many different types of flowers, but my all time favorite was the daisies. My sisters’ favorite was the yellow roses.

With no space to grow flowers of my own, I had to resort to the occasional walk through the botanical garden park in our town. My sister dealt with the same lost longing of the smell of yellow roses. That is when it hit me, the best gift I could give my sister for her birthday was a piece of home, yellow roses, her favorite, and daisies (my favorite) delivered to her home. It has sine been a tradition between my sister and myself, that every birthday we can count on a touch of home, even though, since those times I have returned to the countryside. Flowers can hold so much more meaning then just their beauty. Flowers can bring a touch of home to anyone, no matter where they reside.