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Seasonal Flowers

Autumn Expression

Flowers are the perfect way to embrace any occasion. From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and Thanksgiving, flowers brighten the occasion and bring their own special touch of beauty and love. When ordering flowers, seasonal flowers are the best option as they are economical, beautiful, and easily available. Each season has its own variety of beautiful seasonal flowers. Spring brings you dogwood, hyacinth, lilac, and tulip, to name a few while summer brings cosmos, delphinium, larkspur, and more. Hydrangea, ornamental berries, rose, sunflower, Chrysanthemums, and sugar maple, are some of the flowers you will find in fall while winter flowers include evergreens, forced bulbs, ornamental berries, poinsettias and more.

It is almost ironic that nature itself has created flowers that fit perfectly for each season, from bright and cheerful colors to celebrate spring and summer, warm rich colors to celebrate fall, and cool, bright, and cherry colors to celebrate the winter months. For a wide pick of seasonal flower arrangements, you can rely on BrantFlorist.com to deliver you the freshest flowers.

Featured Flower Friday ~ Heat Wave Flower Vase

Heat Wave Flower Vase

Can anyone guess why I picked this particular flower arrangement today? If you guessed due to the heat, you would be spot on correct! The Heat Wave Flower Vase is a great representation of heat. It has all the brilliant colors of summer blossoms, will definitely warm a person’s heart, and reminds me of the hues in a evening summer sunset.

This beautiful mix of jewel toned shades and lovely textures make this gift perfect for truly any occasion. The flower vase is bursting with hot pink gerberas and Matsumoto Asters arranged with yellow chrysanthemums and spray roses and accented perfectly with a orange satin ribbon.

Of course this flower arrangement won’t do anything to bring down the heat of the great mighty sun, but it could definitely cool a cranky person on a hot summer day!

Fall Mum Pots / Plants Outdoors

Yellow Fall Mum Pot
Yellow Fall Mum Pot

 Fall mum pots are outdoors everywhere after about mid September every year.

 Fall is the natural blooming period for these garden variety mum plants. The plants have a vegetative period after planting that is normally allowed to proceed until the plants are about 6 inches tall.

To produce a multi bloomed plant like this one, the grower will have pinched the main stem to allow the lateral buds to develop. Some of those are again pinched off later to yield about 3 to 5 flowers per stem.

Various colors and shades are grown each year. The most popular are the yellows, bronzes and reds. There are also some purples/pinks, creams and whites available. 

Numerous flower types are planted but the cushion flower types are most prominent with some button, daisy and shasta types. All are very decorative.

Red Fall Mum Plant
Red Fall Mum Plant

Here are some popular varieties by name:

Dawn………..yellow……..early blooming

Sunny Yellow…………….classic daisy form

Miranda…………classic bronze cushion mum

Tabitha…………bright red cushion form

Regal Cheryl…..mauvey pink cushion form

Mia……………..pink lavender button form

Stacey………….purple and white daisy form

Helga………….white cushion form

Wilma…………white button mounded style


 Outdoor fall mums may be planted in various ways. They are ideal as patio plants and are often used as hangers.  You will see mum plants in flower beds of many types.  They are good foundation plants, and look good in massed or groupings.  Garden mums may be planted in the fall or the spring. But most of us will probably buy one or two in September when they suddenly appear for sale every where you look……..from flower shops, green grocers and garden centers to nurseries.