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Christmas and Flowers

Flowers play an active role in Christmas decorations everywhere. Some of the more popular flowers used in Christmas floral decorations are the Poinsettia, Christmas Cactus, Holly, Christmas Rose, Ivy, and Mistletoe.

In ancient times, the Poinsettia was a symbol of purity to the Aztecs. Ivy is known to symbolize eternity and resurrection and the mistletoe has a long-standing place in the Christmas celebration as an excuse to catch a quick kiss.

The Christmas cactus also known as the Orchid Cactus makes for beautiful Christmas gift baskets. The Christmas Rose, also known as the Snow or Winter Rose makes for another great Christmas floral arrangement.

Let Brant Florist help you celebrate the season by making the perfect Christmas flower arrangement or flower accents for your home or office. They can also help create the perfect gifts for sending flower and gifts baskets for you this holiday season as well.

Christmas Flower Snowman

Christmas Flower Snowman
Christmas Flower Snowman

This Christmas Flower Snowman will draw delighted comments from everyone who sees the sensational array of Christmas flowers. Adorable ceramic snowman is filled with a lovely display of red carnations, white pompons, snowy pinecones and shiny glass ornaments.  This snowman will never melt and will be brought out every future Christmas, perhaps even to be re-filled with flowers! But if not, the snowman will surely hold candies and treats for all to enjoy.  This snowman is widely available across US and Canada, even for same day delivery while supplies last. Order early and you will not be disappointed. May not be available in small markets.