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Keeping your Christmas Greenery Fresh

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Christmas greenery such as garland and wreaths add the perfect accents to your Christmas décor. You want them to last as long as the season and often times longer to bring in the New Year. With just a few simple tips, you can keep your live Christmas greenery, green and fresh right through the New Year!

When you order your Christmas Greenery online through Brant Florist you can be assured you get the freshest, greenest, live greenery and that is the biggest of the tips I have for you. Starting with fresh live greenery is important in their longevity.

When your beautiful Christmas greenery is delivered, avoid placing it in locations here it is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time or heat. This will help extend it’s life by reducing drying factors of the sun and heat.

Spray indoor wreaths, garland, swags, and other greenery with a hand held mister once on a weekly basis. If you have no other option then to place your Christmas greenery in direct sunlight, mist it at least twice a week. It is best to water/mist your greenery with spring or well water. Chlorinated water can actually dry the greenery out somewhat. When your Christmas flower arrangements contain Christmas greenery, pay close attention to water level. Christmas greens are greedy and will suck up all the water fast; make sure the flowers are getting their fair share!

Christmas Flower Meanings that make for a Holly Jolly Christmas!

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There is always so much joy in the air around the Christmas holiday time; it is too bad that it doesn’t flow throughout the year for everyone. I particularly love the spirit of Christmas, the colors, the decorations, and the vibrancy it brings out in people. Maybe it is part of the reason I love flowers so much, because each and every flower has a way to bring out that same feeling, even when it isn’t the Christmas season.

Flowers are packed full of meaning, history, and even ancient legends of love. However, what about those beautiful accents used in Christmas floral arrangements such as myrtle, holly, Mistletoe, fir, pine and moss? Not only do they add the perfect accents to holiday arrangements, they also carry their own special meanings that add to the spirit of Christmas floral arrangements.

Let’s take a look at a few of those wonderful foliage that give the perfect touch to these gorgeous Christmas flower arrangements.

Holly is one of the leading accents in Christmas floral arrangement. Holly holds the floral meaning of domestic happiness. The meaning itself – domestic happiness – is a big part of what the holiday is all about so it couldn’t be more perfect. The secondary meaning of Holly is defense or protection. With the two meanings, with Holly in a Christmas flower arrangement, it is wishing the recipient a safe and happy home/life.

Mistletoe without doubt plays a fun roll in the holiday festivities. Who doesn’t love to sneak a little kiss in under the mistletoe with their favorite person? Mistletoe brings to Christmas love, from new blooming love to long lasting love. It fits perfectly in with the season meaning.

Myrtle is such universal foliage during this season that emits the meaning of love and unity. For the Jewish, Myrtle is a Hebrew emblem of marriage. With Myrtle in your holiday flower arrangements, you are gifting love, luck, as well as holiday cheer.

Firs used to accent Christmas flower arrangements emit the feelings of strength and durability to life’s challenges. In nature, firs are strong and can withstand most of what the world can throw their way. In Christmas flower arrangements, they give those deep luscious greens, a great fragrance, and delivery the meaning of undeniable strength.

Brant Florist is happy to help you create the perfect meaning you are wanting to express this holiday season in beautiful flower arrangements, bouquets and even gift baskets. Give the best gift this year in one that is full of meaning expressed like none other then flowers and their foliage.

Holiday Wreaths

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Decorating your front door with a holiday wreath is an old tradition and dates back hundreds of years. For hundreds of years, from when the first Christmas tree was cut down, the trimmings from the base of the tree where used to create door swags and wreaths. Not only were they placed on the outside of the doors of home, but also used as accents inside the home while adding to the fresh pine scent of the season.

Christmas wreaths are typically made from fir tree garlands (often balsam fir) and then wound or wrapped into the familiar wreath shape. You will find them decorated in a variety of ways from whimsical Christmas themes to elegant themes using rich colors of gold’s, deep reds, silver, and royal blues. Fresh firs are also used in the creation of swags and table centerpieces with table centerpieces also utilizing flowers of the season to accent the beauty of the rich forest greens. Common accents used in all themes are pine-cones, flowers, ribbons, and festive ornaments.

The Christmas wreath is a common icon of the holiday season and found on doors from offices to homes from large to small! It is a great way to show your spirit of the season. Sending a Holiday Wreath is a great way of sharing that holiday season and always a welcomed gift!

Caring for Holiday Greenery

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One of the grandest things of the holiday season is the smell of Christmas Greens. That deep fragrant earthy evergreen scent of pine finishes off the spirit of the season. Evergreen greenery bring with them memories of yesterday and tradition. Because of this, you want to make that memory last for as long as possible.

From Christmas wreaths to Christmas swags, to evergreen garland, can stay with you throughout the holiday season and beyond with proper care.

To start with you want to make sure your greenery is as fresh as possible. That is where Brant Florist can step in and cover that for you. Brant Florist only deals with reputable florist dealers that only deliver the freshest possible products so you can rest assured that any greenery you order from Brant Florist will be delivered fresh.

Many Christmas Greeneries are created using quality Balsam firs. Florists judge them on their needle characteristics. The best firs display medium length needles that grow tightly together all around the stem and branches. The needles should be perfectly straight and present in a deep dark green coloring.

When hanging your greenery in a wintery wonderland outside, your wreath, swags, garland etc. will last easily far past the holiday season. The cool temperatures combined with the moist atmosphere provide the perfect conditions to preserve your firs freshness, color, and aroma. However, when decorating the interior of your home with holiday greenery, due to the warmer conditions and dryer air, you can expect your holiday greenery to last about a month. There are things you can do to keep your wreath, swags, and garland fresher longer, moisture being a key factor. Spritzing your Christmas Greenery daily with fresh water will go a long way in keeping its beauty and aroma. If your home is extremely dry, spritz your greenery more often. Also, when displaying your greenery indoors, always take great measures to place/hang then away from any direct heat sources.

If you receive your Christmas Greenery before you are able to display it, in the midterm, store them in the great wintery outdoors to ensure its longlivity before hanging.