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Featured Flower Friday ~ Cheery Flower Basket by BF

Cheery Flower Basket by BF

As many can attest, receiving a gift of flowers can make a person feel very special and can brighten even the gloomiest of days.  Sometimes it seems like life just keeps on rushing by.  One moment your kids are small, and then before you know it you are letting them go.  When you receive a gift of flowers it slows that clock down just a little bit.  You get caught in the moment and the feeling of the flowers.  It’s like the saying “you stopped to smell the roses.”  It brings happiness and cheer into ones moment of time, a moment that cannot be replaced and one wouldn’t want to replace it.  It wasn’t hard for me to choose just that basket of cheer in flowers when I saw the Cheery Flower Basket by Brant Florist.  This basket of flowers makes for a great gift to give another a gift of time, that moment that they take in the joy that only flowers can deliver.  The Cheery Flower Basket features bright and cheery flowers like daisies, carnations, alstroemeria, and baby’s breath.  Give someone you care about that moment with a gift of the Cheery Flower Basket by BF.

Featured Friday Flower ~ Springtime in Paris by Teleflora

Springtime in Paris by Teleflora

I’m so excited that Mother’s Day is nearing. I love the wonderful stories of mother’s who were so thrilled about the flowers they received for Mother’s Day. Although great mothers should be celebrated everyday, mothers are probably the most taken advantage person in the world, yet they don’t really complain. So it is a good thing that there is a day out of the year set aside just to honor mothers and all that they do for us. I just wanted to share my thoughts and give a little backdrop of why I chose the flower arrangement Springtime in Paris by Teleflora (pictured above). My mom has never had the opportunity to travel out of the country, like many moms and the Springtime in Paris by Teleflora flower arrangement reminded me of that fact. I may not be able to fly my mom to Paris, but I can afford to give her a small taste of it through this beautiful flower arrangement.

Springtime in Paris by Teleflora
Description: Does someone you love dream in French? Do they hum “Springtime in Paris” in the shower? Then a gift of these romantic Springtime in Paris flowers is sure to make them say ‘ooh-la-la.’ Roses, tulips, carnations and more – in the warmest hues of pink, purple, white and green – create a beautiful all-around bouquet.

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Have you heard of the Gillyflower?

Gilly Flower

Carnations Vased

The Gillyflower is one of the Dianthus genres. Similar to a carnation in their petal shape, colors, and boldly fragrant, the Gillyflower is a Eurasian plant with pink to purple-red petals that are spice-scented, usually double flowers. They are widely cultivated in many varieties and many colors.

“The Gillyflowers got its name via French giroflée from Greek karyophyllon = “nut-leaf” = the spice called clove. Some say that “gillyflower” originally referred to scented plants that were used in Europe as a cheap substitute for the spice called clove” per Wikipedia

Although the Gillyflower is not a common florist flower, its “cousin” the carnation is. Carnations are one of the longest lasting flowers; available in beautiful colors, and fragrant.

Carnations have long been known to have a love hate relationship with flower receivers. Some look at them as a cheap out from sending more exotic flowers or roses, however others love receiving carnations because they know they will be able to enjoy their beauty for a long time. . Whatever, carnations remain one of the best values in flowers. Throw in a nice card, balloon, a teddy bear, box of chocolates, or what not and although the carnations may be slightly more cost effective, the sentiment is the same – they were sent with the heart.

Holiday Gatherings ~ The Holiday Floral Centerpiece

December brings on many gatherings, from office parties to family and friends.  A great way to make those occasions extra special is to make sure your table is set with great care that draws the masses together.  You can do this with a holiday floral centerpiece that will not only draw your group together but also bring on many awes of admiration. 

Holiday floral centerpieces are a great way to express who you are as a person or set a mood for a room.  During the Christmas season of holiday gatherings the lights are shining, homes are decorated in bright colorful decorations, reds, greens, silver and gold all shine and sparkle about.  It isn’t hard to meet and even surpass that entire splendor with beautiful holiday floral centerpieces.  They have there own special shine and with the added fragrance in the air, no amount of glitter can beat that. 

 Holiday floral centerpieces like the Celebration of the Season Centerpiece pictured above brings grandeur to your table.  The deep red roses and spray roses set the holiday scene with the earthy backdrop of assorted holiday greens and holly.  The candles bring warmth and the gold pinecones and metallic brocade ribbon sets the final touches to this enchanting holiday centerpiece.  

Probably the greatest part of holiday floral centerpieces is that you are not limited to just what you see in the picture.  You can add your own vision of your holiday décor or just add a flare of your personality.  Maybe you prefer red carnations to roses or just want red carnations added due to the longlivity or the shade of red they present.  All you have to do is relay your vision to your florist an allow them to bring your vision to life.