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Thanksgiving Flowers Centerpiece

My favorite Thanksgiving Flowers are arranged in a centerpiece for the dining room table.  This design is made with fall flowers and candles.  Orange gerbera, orange asiatic lilies, bronze mums and roses are the feature flowers with fillers and greens. Great to send as a gift or to buy for yourself.  May be ordered without candles if that is more suitable. Also, may be used for any occasion or to decorate many locations.Bright Autumn Centerpiece

This design has been named The Bright Autumn Centerpiece and it is easy to see why. The colors are bright and so typical of a fall day created by nature.

This beautiful fall arrangement need not be limited to Thanksgiving.  It would be much appreciated as a birthday gift or for the office foyer. Flowers are at home almost anywhere that is free of drafts and wide temperature swings. Water daily to ensure the flowers have enough to drink. Do not place on delicate surfaces without some protection such as a plate to catch excess water.  Placing the arrangement in a cool place at night will help to prolong the life of the flowers.

Fall Mum Pots / Plants Outdoors

Yellow Fall Mum Pot
Yellow Fall Mum Pot

 Fall mum pots are outdoors everywhere after about mid September every year.

 Fall is the natural blooming period for these garden variety mum plants. The plants have a vegetative period after planting that is normally allowed to proceed until the plants are about 6 inches tall.

To produce a multi bloomed plant like this one, the grower will have pinched the main stem to allow the lateral buds to develop. Some of those are again pinched off later to yield about 3 to 5 flowers per stem.

Various colors and shades are grown each year. The most popular are the yellows, bronzes and reds. There are also some purples/pinks, creams and whites available. 

Numerous flower types are planted but the cushion flower types are most prominent with some button, daisy and shasta types. All are very decorative.

Red Fall Mum Plant
Red Fall Mum Plant

Here are some popular varieties by name:

Dawn………..yellow……..early blooming

Sunny Yellow…………….classic daisy form

Miranda…………classic bronze cushion mum

Tabitha…………bright red cushion form

Regal Cheryl…..mauvey pink cushion form

Mia……………..pink lavender button form

Stacey………….purple and white daisy form

Helga………….white cushion form

Wilma…………white button mounded style


 Outdoor fall mums may be planted in various ways. They are ideal as patio plants and are often used as hangers.  You will see mum plants in flower beds of many types.  They are good foundation plants, and look good in massed or groupings.  Garden mums may be planted in the fall or the spring. But most of us will probably buy one or two in September when they suddenly appear for sale every where you look……..from flower shops, green grocers and garden centers to nurseries.

Sending Flowers with Confidence

Sensational Splendor
Sensational Splendor

Sending Flowers……Testimonials

” I just wanted you to know that I am so very happy with all of the arrangements I have had you send, over this entire year. Thank you so much for keeping the arrangements so close to the pictures I chose. This last one to my Aunt where I requested the angel , was perfect. Thank you so much….I tell everyone, how great you are, as an online florist. I will continue to order all my floral needs, online with you…. Shirley ”

The above message was received from one of our customers at Brant Florist where we treat all visitors and customers the same way we would like to be treated. Published with permission. .

We do work very hard to be sure every customer receives what they ordered to be sent to their recipient.  A very large inventory of fresh flowers helps us fill most orders right from stock. Should we not have what was ordered, we are blessed with ready availability from our numerous growers and wholesalers. Flowers not in stock can often be obtained same day and almost always next day if nned be. Growers and wholesalers are closed Saturday and Sunday so this will not apply to orders for those days which will have to filled from current inventory.

Earth Day at Brant Florist

Celebrate Earth Day with Brant Florist and recycle your used vase Burlington, April 15, 2008 – Leading up to Earth Day, the Bolt Family, owner of Brant Florist in downtown Burlington, is hosting a celebration on Saturday from 10am to 3pm.  At this event, Brant Florist is launching a newly designed recycling program.  Bring back your used vase to be RE-filled, RE-used or RE-cycled at Brant Florist and receive a free Earth Day gift.  A colouring contest is available for children and balloon poppers for all purchases.  Everyone can enter the draw. “What does everyone do with their used vases?  I bet there are vases just waiting to come out of the closet!” said Darla Campbell of amonavi consulting, the partner organization hosting the event.  The “Bring Back your Vase” campaign promotes environmental sustainability because the program diverts waste from landfill and raises awareness that glass vases are not part of the residential blue box program.   Vases brought in to Brant Florist will be reused when customers select this eco-friendly option when ordering flowers online at www.brantflorist.com for local delivery. Brant Florist’s program will assist Halton Region in reaching its goal of 60 percent diversion of residential waste away from landfill and is part of the Region’s solid waste management strategy to promote product stewardship initiatives. Environmentally responsible retailers are seeking out sustainable practices that can be implemented within daily operational activities.  With the launch of the Bring Back your Vase campaign and other initiatives, Brant Florist has demonstrated leadership in the community and is proud to provide residents of Burlington with a choice to select an eco-friendly florist. “We decided it was time to put our family values first,” said Ken Bolt.  “We have been purchasing flowers from local growers as long as I can remember.”  But the company was too modest to let their customers know about their commitment to buy local wherever possible.  “We will work hard to continue to identify new eco-friendly initiatives so Brant Florist can earn the title of being your local ECO-florist!” Darla Campbell, founder and President of amonavi consulting group inc. is the designer of the eco-friendly program for Brant Florist.  “In today’s globalized marketplace, there are less expensive options to buy from foreign markets, especially during our long winters here in Canada” said Campbell.   “But when you take into account the impact on the environment, the cost to the environment for shipping flowers a great distance, there is no bargain in the long-term.”     The Brant Florist program supports the Halton Region’s waste management policy to help protect the environment, extend the use of the landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create useful recycling and compost products for a better planet.   Brant Florist has applied to participate in the new “Take It Back! Halton”, a program that provides one convenient source of information on retailers that take items back for reuse, recycling or proper disposal.   With over 45 years of serving the Burlington and surrounding area, Brant Florist has been owned and operated by the Bolt family since 1977.  Doyle, Tim, Elaine and Ken Bolt treat every customer the way they would like to be treated.  The shop has been processing internet orders since 1996 with a computerized network to manage and record all orders.  Brant Florist is a member of FTD, Interflora and Teleflora floral networks and has been a Top 100 FTD Worldwide Florist for the past 14 years. 

Date:  Saturday, April 19th Location: Brant Florist, 2010 Maria Street, Burlington Time:  10am to 3pm


 contest:   http://www.brantflorist.com/BrantFlorist-Earth-Day-Colouring-Contest.pdf

For more information contact: – Darla Campbell, Event Director, amonavi consulting group inc. (416) 562 9082 or darla@amonavi.com 

Ken Bolt, Spokesperson, Brant Florist 905 639 7001 or feedback@brantflorist.com