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American flag

5 Easy Ways to celebrate the Fourth of July… Right in Your Backyard!

With Independence Day around the corner, we Americans are getting ready for the first long weekend of the summer! The July long weekend means so many wonderful things: warm and sunny weather, blossomed summer flowers, and celebrations to show our pride in USA and in being American!

We have a few ideas on how to show our American pride this long weekend as we celebrate the Fourth of July:

Backyard party

The Fourth of July falls right at the start of summer, which means great weather! This is the perfect opportunity to invite friends over for a backyard BBQ. Outdoor dinners are tons of fun for the whole family, and it doesn’t break the bank. Ask your guests to bring something to contribute and make it a potluck! There’s nothing better than being with friends and family on the long weekend.

Fourth of July arts and craftsFourth of July craft idea for kids

There are lots of easy and fun crafts you can make with the kids to celebrate the Fourth of July. Here’s one great idea: paint red horizontal lines on a piece of white paper or bristol board. Instead of the blue and white stars, have the kids make a blue handprint at the top left of the red lines to create personalized American flags!

Decorate for the Fourth of July

If you’re having people over or not for the Independence Day, show your patriotism by decorating your house and backyard with red, white and blue! Use red, white and blue paint and glitter to decorate mason jars. You can use these as holders for your cutlery or as vases for patriotic red, white and blue flowers to make Fourth of July themed centrepieces! Decorate your backyard or your house with string lights and hanging pots of summer flowers, red and blue table cloths and napkins.

Mason Jars decorated for 4th of July with flowers


You don’t have to go far to discover the beauty of this country. In almost every town or city, there are hiking paths, bike trails and parks to walk around and enjoy the summer weather and nature. Do a quick search to find where you can explore in your town this long weekend. Many communities will also organize events to celebrate the Fourth of July.


Plenty of cities and towns offer free fireworks for the Fourth of July. Find out if your town is doing a fireworks display near you. You are also likely to see and hear your neighbours setting off red, white and blue fireworks this long weekend… grab a blanket to cozy up outside and enjoy the show!

Whatever you do to celebrate Independence Day this long weekend, we hope you enjoy it with lots of American pride, laughter and flowers!

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