Yellow Tulips – Spring Flowers

15. Yellow Tulips (spring flowers)yellowtulips.jpg

Yellow tulips are a common sight to see during the months of spring.

Perhaps not the most obvious yellow spring flower – that honor would fall

to the daffodil – the yellow tulip is still a favourite.

Commonly associated with Holland, the tulip was originally from Persia

and brought into Europe during the early 1600’s.

 The tulip, or “Laleh” as it’s called in Persian, is a flower indigenous to

Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and other parts of Central Asia. It is said a

Dutch ambassador in Turkey at the time, who was also a great

floral enthusiast, brought them to Europe. Tulips all of all colors

quickly became very popular and have remained so to this day and are

one of the classic spring flowers delivered by worldwide florists this

time of year.

You should try an arrangement of bright and cheerful yellow tulips. The special

qualities found in this vibrant color give a striking focal point noteworthy of being

a ʼstarʼ in your floral arrangement. And if you are thinking of sending spring

flowers like the yellow tulip, consider creating a special bouquet or gift basket.

Brant Florist  can assist in helping you create the perfect floral gift delivery. If you are

sending your yellow tulips to a friend, an employee, family member or special loved-one

and they are in the US and Canada, then your delivery (subject to a few conditions) can

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delivered the next day.

The next time you visit your neighborhood florist or select a floral arrangement

online, take a moment and really think about how you want the recipient to be excited 

 when they receive your flowers. And remember, there is no better gift than the

thoughtfulness of beautiful colored flower arrangements.