Purple Tulips – Spring Flowers

14. Purple Tulips (spring flowers)

Purple tulips, sometimes called Purple Princess tulips are a common sight to see

during the months of spring. Traditionally associated with Holland, purple tulips

(and tulips of all colors) were originally from Persia and brought into Europe

during the early 1600’s. The tulip, or “Laleh” as it’s called in Persian, is a flower

indigenous to Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and other parts of Central Asia. A Dutch

ambassador in Turkey in the 16th century, who was also a great floral enthusiast,

brought them to Europe, tulips quickly became very popular and have remained

so to this day and are one of the classic spring flowers delivered by florists this

time of year.

If you are considering ordering flowers online then sending purple tulips either as

a cut bouquet or vased  is an ideal choice. Brant Florist can assist in helping you create

the perfect floral gift delivery. If you are sending your purple tulips to a friend, family

member or special loved-one and they are local (or within the same country) then your

delivery (subject to a few conditions) can be delivered the same day. International

deliveries, or lateplaced orders are delivered the next day in many cases.

Purple tulips are a most luxurious addition to any spring floral arrangement.

Bouquets of spring flowers in this color are sensuous, sophisticated and

passionate. Purple tulips are the perfect choice for special occasions and create

memories that last a lifetime. The next time you visit your neighborhood florist or

select a floral arrangement online, take a moment and really think how you want

the recipient to feel when they receive your flowers. And remember, there is no

better gift than the thoughtfulness of beautiful colored flower arrangements.