Spring Tulips…..Fresh Cut Tulips

12. Spring Tulips (fresh cut tulips)

Fresh cut spring tulips displayed prominently on your windowsill or kitchen table

is a great way to remind yourself that winter is over and spring is finally here.

Spring tulips come in many shapes, sizes and colors and your local florist like

Burlington’s very own Brant Florist can assist in supplying you with the very best.

With over 100 varieties of Tulip to choose from this spring, it’s easy to ensure

your spring tulips complement your room and surroundings. A special flower with

a distinguished history, the tulip has been a firm favourite of spring time for over

three hundred years.

The tulip was introduced to Europe in the 17th century and became an instant hit

– so much so that for many years the bulbs themselves became currency. Originally from

Persia, these now famous Dutch tulips are shipped all over the world at spring time and

during much of the year.  Ordering spring tulips for delivery – either locally or

internationally is easy with today’s web-wired-world. Leading florists like Brant Florist

have modern websites displaying thousands of plants, flowers and gifts every minute of

every day. And ordering them, no matter what time – day or night, is simply a matter of

clicking a few buttons.

If you’re planning n sending spring tulips internationally remember to think about

where your tulips are going. This is important because to ensure the freshest

flowers, your tulip order will be fulfilled by the closest affiliate florist to your

destination address. Remember, when it’s spring in Europe and North America,

it’s the fall (Autumn) in New Zealand and Australia.