Order Spring Flowers

11.Order Spring Flowers (tulips, daffodils, daisies, lilies, gerbera, narcissus, hyacinth,


March 20th brings n a new season, the weather warms and the days grow

longer. Mother nature wakes the sleeping plants and flowers and within what

seems like no time at all, the world is awash with color.

Originally celebrated with merriment, feasting, song and gift giving, the season’s

special quality hasn’t changed all that much. Today people give each other gifts

of flowers, candy, food and plush toys. To order spring flowers for family, friends, and

even oneself has become common-place.

As spring unfolds once more, we are reminded that there are literally thousands

of spring flowers to choose, and although there may be many to select, the

classics remain ever popular: tulips, daffodils, daisies, lilies, gerbera, narcissus,

hyacinth and genista.

Ensuring the freshest produce when ordering your spring flowers is the job of

your local florist, and a professional florist like Burlington’s own Brant Florist go

one step further by not only claiming their flowers are fresh, they guarantee it too.

With hand-delivery at your doorstep, receiving an order of spring flowers never

ceases to put a smile on someone’s face and in many cases, with same-day

delivery – sending spring flowers is a thoughtful gift.

Burlington’s Brant Florist is a local flower shop with a leading online presence on

the world wide web. With over 1,500 product combination choices, you’re sure to

find a beautiful spring flower arrangement to suit your wishes and your wallet.

You can even pay online using your debit card – a convenience only offered by a

few select stores like Brant Florist.