Tulip Arrangements

10.Tulip Arrangement (tulip floral arrangements)

There are many flowers associated with the spring, one such popular flower in

the tulip. For this reason, a tulip flower arrangement is incredibly popular during

the spring months and this florist can help you select the best tulip

arrangement from available spring flowers.

Tulip floral arrangements are synonymous with spring and with over 1000 worldwide

varieties it’s hardly surprising this flower (originally from Persia) has become

a fond favourite of spring time lovers. Tulips were so popular in Europe, that from 1634 to

1637 tulip mania broke out and tulip bulbs became a speculative currency!

Today the mania is long gone and tulips are now associated with Holland and the

many springtime festivals. There are even permanent tulip displays open to the

public, the world’s largest permanent display of tulips (although open to the public

only in the spring) is in Keukenhof, Netherlands.

Giving a classic single color bouquet of tulips to a special friend is a clear spring

message and the tulip’s classic features are always well received when your

bouquet is hand delivered by a real florist. Of course, a colourful mixed tulip arrangement

is also an option, and this florist can advise you of which tulips to combine to obtain the

best possible tulip flower arrangement.

Local Burlington flower shop Brant Florist has thousands of square feet of

display, and their towering flower refrigerators ensure your tulips remain their

freshest. Whether you order your tulip arrangement online or in person, your

flower delivery and satisfaction is always guaranteed. So this spring, why not send a

loved one a message that will be really appreciated – send a beautiful tulip floral