Brant Florist Winner’s Circle ~ Denise B

Brant Florist April Free Flower Give Away
Brant Florist April Free Flower Give Away

Denise B. had entered our April Free Flower Giveaway and was kind enough to send us a wonderful thank you note and a picture of the flowers she received for us to share with everyone.

Dear Brant Florist,

I was so excited to win the beautiful flowers you sent me. I have never won anything on the internet and was beginning to think either I had no luck or all the contest were fake. But you have proved both wrong. Thank you! I was so excited when I received my flowers today at work. I had you send them there so I could brag about winning something online, and to make my co-workers just a wee bit jealous. But most of all, to brighten my day! And they did just that. They are simply beautiful as you can see in the picture. I brought them home after work to share with my husband and family that we have in from out of state. They will make the perfect table flower centerpiece for our family dinner tonight. Thanks for making me a believer again and making my day extra special.

Denise B

You are welcome Denise. We are thrilled that you enjoyed them! May’s Free Flower Giveaway will be posting soon, so let your family and friends know to watching out. Simply have them “Like” (formerly fan) our Brant Florist Facebook FanPage and follow the instructions in the upcoming contest. And thank you Denise for becoming part of our family.