Order Tulips Online

9.Tulip Arrangements (order tulips online)

Brant Florist is one of the oldest and most established flower shops in Burlington

Ontario. Located on Burlington’s historic Brant Street, this “florister” has been

delivering floral messages of love, sympathy, congratulations and more for over 4

decades. And this spring is no different because their array of spring flowers is

all the more special because of their tulip arrangements.

Each season (and practically every few weeks) Brant Florist redresses their shop

windows (they have two – one on Brant Street, the other on Maria Street) and it’s

always a fragrant feast when Spring arrives and the store overflows with aromas,

perfumes and classic Spring and Easter flowers.

Tulips are synonymous with spring no doubt, and with over 1000 world-wide

varieties it’s hardly surprising this flower (originally from Persia) has become a

fond favourite of many spring lovers.

Order tulips online” has become popular¬†with busy people, and

although Brant Florist stays open longer than most florists in the area, ordering

online has become more popular over time as solutions and websites improved.

Today, Brant Florist’s website boasts over 1,500 products to choose from. With

easy online ordering options, secure credit card and payment choices and many

additional elements to make your flower delivery the best it can be, it’s hardly

surprising thousands use these online flower ordering features.

Although tulips are generally available all around the world, if you are planning on

sending a spring bouquet of tulips to someone in another seasonal hemisphere

(remember the north and south hemispheres have different seasons

simultaneously) you might find your choices different. If you have any questions

just ask¬†Brant Florist, they’re there to help you.