Send Tulips Online

8. Send Tulips Online Florist

Sometimes when you are far away, or simply can’t be there in person, a solution

to your planned ‘in person’ tulip delivery is to¬†send tulips online and use your

local Canada florist to deliver them for you. Ordering tulips online is easier today

than it has ever been, the advances in technology, ease of use, security and

payment options makes sending tulips from your preferred online florist almost as

easy as 1-2-3.

This spring, send tulips to a loved one. Tulips, most well-known as a Dutch

flower, are in fact a Persian flower with over 100 varieties. Imported to Holland

during the 16th century, these hardy plants have become a universal symbol of

spring time.

Your Canadian florist of choice can assist you in selecting the best tulip

arrangement, they can even ensure your delivery is the fastest possible – many

florists offer same day delivery (as long as your order arrives in a reasonable

time – usually before 12 noon.)

The best florist offering tulip flower delivery also offer satisfaction guarantees and

back their products with longevity assurances so you know the tulips will look

beautiful for days to come. It’s not unusual for premium florists to guarantee their

tulips freshness for a week.

Remember, if you are looking for a gift idea this spring, consider spring flowers

and the gift of tulips. Ordering tulips online is a breeze at

and look out for the online ordering discount to save you money. Of course, if you

have any questions you can always call them directly – they’re there to help.