Spring Floral Bouquets

6. Spring Floral Bouquets

March 20th and the arrival of the Vernal Equinox marks the much anticipated start

of spring. As it warms the land and melts the snow, spring awakens sleeping

bulbs and buds and before long the land is covered in colourful spring flowers.

Spring is an interesting season for many reasons, firstly it occurs twice (like all

the seasons actually) once in the northern hemisphere, and again 6 months later

in the southern hemisphere.

This duality of spring leads for some interesting floral bouquet choices – specially

if you plan to send flowers overseas to family and friends. For instance, if you

celebrate Easter and decide to send a gift of blooming spring flowers to your Aunt

in New Zealand, your local florist would likely point out that there is good chance

that your locally chosen spring flowers might not be available to the local florist

fulfilling your Aunt’s flower order.

This and other international flower ordering considerations are a daily discussion

for local Burlington flower shop Brant Florist. With thousands of international and

local orders processed regularly, these considerations are second nature to the

staff of Brant street’s oldest flower retailer.

Spring is a special time and trusting your spring floral bouquets to just anyone is

never a good idea, that’s why at this special time you can either visit the folks at

Brant Florist in person, or you can log on to their incredible website – they even

have live web operator assistance if you have questions about your spring floral

bouquet order.