Spring Flower Arrangements

4. Spring Flower Arrangements  (April flowers)

Getting a spring flower arrangement from a close friend is a great reminder that

spring has sprung. Spring arrives (some would say not soon enough) on March

20th, the Vernal equinox.

In ages past this special even was celebrated by giving spring flowers and gifts

and this tradition has continued today. Easter occurs during spring in the northern

hemisphere (remember it’s the fall [autumn] in the southern hemisphere) and

sending April flowers is commonplace too.

Mother nature graciously provides us with an amazing array and assortment of

colourful spring flowers to choose from including the classics: daisies, gerbera,

lilies, daffodils and of course the ever popular tulip (which incidentally is not a

Dutch flower as many think, but is in fact a Persian flower.)

There are quite literally thousands of spring flowers to choose from.

 Leading flower shops offer gifts too, and Brant Florist has many gift

baskets, plush toys, candies and other options you can add to your spring flower

arrangement to make it perfect.

Whether you are sending your gift locally or internationally you can rest assured

through the network of international florists your spring flower arrangement will

arrive safely. You should know that international deliveries are sourced and

fulfilled locally.